COMMON NAME:  irisGENUS:  IrisSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:There are over 200 known species of iris. Some of the most popular garden irises include {in order of succession of bloom}:  I. reticulata, Dutch, dwarf bearded, Siberian, Spuria, Louisiana, Japanese.FAMILY:  IridaceaeBLOOMS:  spring-summerTYPE:  perennialDESCRIPTION:  The bearded irises are composed of standards {petals that stand upright} and falls {petals that hang … Continue reading Iris


COMMON NAME:  lily GENUS:  Lilium SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: Many of the 200 species of lilies are native to the United States. Plant breeders have done extensive hybridization work on the lilies to make them hardy and free flowering. Lilies are now available in every color except blue. FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  late spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION: … Continue reading Lily

Lily of the Valley

COMMON NAME:  lily of the valleyGENUS:  ConvallariaSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:C. mabalis fortunei 'Giant Bells'-up to fifteen large bells; grows 8 to 10 inches tall; suitable for forcing; will bloom approximately three weeks after being planted.FAMILY:  LiliaceaeBLOOMS:  springTYPE:  perennialDESCRIPTION:  Flower stalks are arching and hold ten to fifteen fragrant, white, bell-shaped blossoms. The stems are strong, which helps … Continue reading Lily of the Valley