COMMON NAME: statice
GENUS: Limonium
L. bonduellit and L. sinuatum are annuals with clusters of yellow, blue, purple, or rose flowers. L. latifolium-perennial; 28 to 30 inches tall; lavender flowers. L. perezii-perennial; 36 inches tall; purple and white flowers.
FAMILY: Plumbaginaceae
BLOOMS: summer
TYPE: annual and perennial
DESCRIPTION: Annual statice is a multi-branched plant producing delicate sprays of flowers that rise to a height of 24 inches. Many flower colors are available. The leaves are large and leathery. The evergreen leaves of perennial statice are even larger, sometimes getting 12 inches long. The flowering stems grow 30 to 36 inches tall and produce blue or purple flowers. Plants often spread as much as 36 inches across.
CULTIVATION: Statice likes good sun, regular watering, and rich soil. The richer the soil, the bigger the flower heads. Annual varieties are started easily from seed, because the seeds are exceptionally clean and free of chaff.

The flowers make wonderful cut or dried flowers. For dried flowers, the blossoms should be picked in prime condition and should be hung upside down. The stems are somewhat weak and if they are dried upright, they often cannot support the weight of the flowers as they dry.
The genus name is from the plant’s similarity to another plant, leimonion, which grows in salt marshes. Limonium is native to dry grasslands from southeastern Europe to southeastern Russia.