Gallery Of Roses.

Old Garden Roses By definition, an old garden rose is one belonging to any class that existed before 1867, the year the first hybrid tea was introduced. Even if the rose was hybridized or discovered after 1867, it is considered "old" if it belongs to one of these classes. It is more than nostalgia or … Continue reading Gallery Of Roses.

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘A’

'Abraham Darby' Roses (Shrub, Introduced - 1985)One parent of 'Abraham Darby' is the climbing hybrid tea 'Aloha', so although this rose may be maintained as a large shrub, with a little training it will also perform well as a climber. Its large, double, cupped, apricot-pink flowers suffused with yellow will cover a trellis or wall and … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘A’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘B’

'Ballerina' Roses (Hubrid Musk, Introduced - 1937)A good rose for mild climates, 'Ballerina' also flourishes in the North. At the northern edge of its range, winter cold may kill it back almost to the ground, but typically it will send up new shoots to provide a good show of flowers the following summer. 'Ballerina' bears abundant, … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘B’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘C’

'Cabbage Rose' Roses (Centifolia)The very double flowers of 'Cabbage Rose' (also called R. centifolia) are clear pink and richly fragrant. This is the type of rose, with many-petaled, globular blooms, often depicted in paintings by the old European masters. The 3-inch flowers are supported by long stems and appear singly or in clusters. Though they do … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘C’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘D’

'Dainty Bess' Roses (Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1925)The silvery pink flowers of 'Dainty Bess' are unusual for a hybrid tea in several respects: they are single, with only five large, wavy petals; the petals surround a center of stamens that are colored deep maroon; and the flowers close at night. Blooms that develop in the shade … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘D’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘E’

'Earth Song' Roses (Grandiflora, Introduced - 1975)The late Dr. Griffith Buck bred roses specifically for disease resistance and cold hardiness, and in 'Earth Song' he achieved a remarkable success. 'Earth Song' has overwintered successfully for almost a decade at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, where winter temperatures regularly drop to -30°F (-34°C). Often the cold there has … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘E’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘F’

'Fair Bianca' Roses (Shrub, Introduced - 1982)The English roses tend to be more expansive in our sunnier North American climates than in their native Britain, so fitting them into a small garden can be difficult. 'Fair Bianca', however, offers a good solution to that problem. Even at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California, where … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘F’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘G’

'Gabrielle Privat' Roses (Polyantha, Introduced - 1931)Large pyramidal clusters of 30 to 50 semi-double blooms are produced on the neat, low-growing plants of 'Gabrielle Privat'. Flowering begins in spring and continues in great profusion through fall. Individual blooms are carmine-pink and 1 1/4 inches across. They are attractively displayed against lush bright green foliage. The bush … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘G’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘H’

'Handel' Roses (Climber, Introduced - 1965)The cream-colored double flowers of 'Handel' are edged with rosy pink. They open from shapely spiraled buds to high-centered or cupped 3 1/2- inch blooms that produce a light fragrance. Blooms appear in abundance in early summer and repeat well through fall. Hot weather increases the pink flower color in both … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘H’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘I’

'Iceberg' Roses (Floribunda, Introduced - 1958)One of the most cold tolerant of the floribundas, this rose also performs well in the South, though a slight susceptibility to blackspot makes it less than an ideal choice for the Southeast. In the drier Southwest, however, 'Iceberg' is one of the half dozen roses he recommends most highly as … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘I’