Wild Strawberries.

Fragaria vesca Also, Known As: Alpine Strawberry Common Strawberry Mountain Strawberry Pineapple Strawberry Wild Strawberries Wood Strawberry Woodland Strawberry Wild strawberry plants are perennially growing and usually grow up to a height of one foot (0.3 meters). Plants of these species have the aptitude to endure frosts. While they blossom during the period between April … Continue reading Wild Strawberries.

Starting Roses From Seeds.

The oldest method of propagating roses is from their seeds. This method of propagating roses is very easy and also does not require much equipment. You just require pots/ containers, sowing flats and, if possible, fluorescent or greenhouse lights. However, if you don’t have a greenhouse or access to one, you can also germinate the rose … Continue reading Starting Roses From Seeds.

Moss Roses.

The first Moss rose apparently emerged as a sport from a Centifolia prior to the mid-eighteenth century. In the early nineteenth century, a few single-flowered forms appeared in their ranks, enabling a few hybridists to cross them with hybrids from other groups in an attempt to prolong their flowering period, but this was soon discontinued. … Continue reading Moss Roses.

Maintenance Pruning Of Roses.

Early spring or late fall is the best time to undertake pruning of your roses, as pruning done during these periods is usually very successful. If you want to undertake to prune at the end of fall, it is advisable that you wait till the color of the leaves begins to change and the leaves … Continue reading Maintenance Pruning Of Roses.

Spring And Fall Rose Tonic.

Here's a copy of my Spring and Fall Rose Tonic. It is a modification of a recipe passed to me by a very wise and 83-years young rosarian. It assumes your soil pH ranges from 6.5 to 7.5, clay-based and/or rich in calcium. 8 parts alfalfa meal 2 parts cottonseed meal (arsenic-free) 2 parts rock phosphate … Continue reading Spring And Fall Rose Tonic.

Hybrid Tea Roses.

To most rose lovers the hybrid tea represents the culmination of the quest for ideal form and coloring in a rose, with a classic high-centered form and colors that range from rich reds, yellows, and oranges to delicate whites, pinks, and lavenders, with exotic blends of all shades in between. To show off their large … Continue reading Hybrid Tea Roses.

Species Roses.

Members of this class are wild roses - but wild roses of a special kind. Species roses originate with plants or cuttings that are collected from the wild, but typically they come from exceptionally vigorous and handsome specimens. The special strength of the species roses is their wildness. These are roses that have had to … Continue reading Species Roses.

Grandiflora Roses.

Created in 1954 with the introduction of the rose 'Queen Elizabeth', the Grandiflora class represents the first true melding of hybrid tea and floribunda characteristics. From its hybrid tea parent the Grandiflora inherits flower form and long cutting stems; from the floribunda side comes increased hardiness and prolific, clustered blooms. Most Grandiflora roses, although not … Continue reading Grandiflora Roses.

Winter Protection Of Roses.

Nearly all types of roses require some amount of protection during the winter months. However, the extent of protection required by your roses depends on the severity of cold in your area during winter and the hardiness of your roses. When we talk of hardiness, we refer to a plant’s ability to remain in a … Continue reading Winter Protection Of Roses.

Growing Roses.

It is essential that you have adequate knowledge in order to grow roses successfully. At the same time, as soon as you decided that you want to grow roses, you need to think about the various details related to growing these plants, including deciding the place where you want to grow these gorgeous flowers. Perhaps, … Continue reading Growing Roses.