"O woman! lovely woman! nature made thee To temper man; we had been brutes without you. Angels are painted fair, to look like you: There's in you all that we believe in heaven Amazing brightness, purity, and truth, Eternal joy, and everlasting love." (Otway's Venice Preserved, 1682.) It is not good that the man in … Continue reading THE WOMAN IN THE MOON.


So wet a country as Ireland should have so great a reverence for wells, is an evidence how early the primitive and composite races there came under the moral influence of oriental visitors and rulers, who had known in their native lands the want of rain, the value of wells. So deep was this respect, … Continue reading WELL-WORSHIP

Menstrual Problems.

A normal menstrual cycle does not exist and cycles differ from one woman to the next. From puberty, every young woman will start on her moon time in a unique way, peculiar to her and she will then continuously experiences it each month very personally till menopause hits and menstruation ends. In addition, the character … Continue reading Menstrual Problems.

Menstrual Disorders.

Sudden hormonal changes can induce three distinct and common types of menstrual disorders in women; the first being known as the “cramps”-medical name dysmenorrhea, the second disorder is characterized by unusually heavy bleeding and by the prolonged nature of the periods-medical name menorrhagia, the third disorder is characterized by the presence of irregularly occurring or … Continue reading Menstrual Disorders.

Irregular Or Delayed Menstruation.

When adolescents mature to attain womanhood, it may take many months, sometimes even years, for their hormones to regularize as well as develop an undisturbed cadence or cycle. In fact, the hormones undergo the same kind of transformation when the reproductive years of a woman come to an end. When a woman enters the menopausal … Continue reading Irregular Or Delayed Menstruation.