Poultry Folklore

black chicken always has a pale white skin.

A brood will be successful if you set your hen on Monday.

A chicken crossing your path will bring you bad luck.

A chicken hatched during the spring will lay every other day.

A crowing hen is the sign of bad luck.

A fight between two roosters is the sign that a man is coming.

A guinea hen will always warn you of the presence of strangers.

A hen must be set in the morning before eleven o’clock to produce pullets.

A hen set on Sunday, provided the wind is in the north, will hatch all the eggs.

A hen will not eat her own eggs if you burn the shells after using her eggs.

A large amount of company will come if chickens gather on the porch.

A pigeon flying into the house is bringing bad luck.

A rooster crowing on your doorstep on Sunday will cause bad luck in the family.

A rooster crowing in your door foretells the coming of a stranger.

A rooster’s crowing in the afternoon means that you will hear the speedy news.

A rooster’s crowing before breakfast means that you will have visitors before supper.

A turkey with short claws is the sign that its meat will be tender.

Always set a hen on fifteen eggs and they will hatch well.

Bad luck may be expected, if a gray chicken scratches under your window.

Bad news will come if a rooster crows before midnight.

Beating an egg the same day it is laid will cause you bad luck.

Because eggs are 70-percent water, if chickens have plenty of clear fresh water, they are bound to lay.

Black chickens have a coarser meat than that of other chickens.

Bringing eggs into the house after dark is unlucky.

Candle an egg and if the airspace is on the side, it will hatch a hen.

Chickens hatched in June will sleep all the time.

Chickens that are hatched in the dark of the moon will not thrive.

Chickens will lay if given ground egg shells.

Chickens will not lay on a windy day.

The company can be expected, when rooster comes to the porch and crows three times.

Do not beat an egg on the day it is laid, for it can be beaten better the next day.

Do not leave home on that day upon which your rooster fails to crow before daybreak, for great danger lies ahead of you and maybe death.

Dust your hen house with ashes on “Green Thursday” (Maundy Thursday) and the chickens will not get any lice that year.

Eggs set in the afternoon will hatch roosters.

Eggs set on Good Friday will produce varicolored chickens.

Eggs will hatch well, if when setting them the name of some prosperous person is written on each egg.

Eggs will not hatch if they are carried across the water.

Every egg of a setting will hatch if they are set after sundown.

Expect the arrival of guests, if a rooster crows before the front door.

Feed ground bones to chickens to make them lay.

For white diarrhea, drop a piece of iron into the water that chickens drink and also let them eat corn which has been saturated with chamber lye.

Give raw meat to chickens to make them lay.

Goose eggs will not hatch if there has been any thunder in February.

Having a rooster crow before midnight is an unlucky sign.

Hens that are compelled to drink ice water will not do well in laying.

Hens will not lay near a potato patch.

Hit a hen on the back and she will lay an egg.

Hold chicks up by the feet, with the head hanging down; if a rooster he will bend his head upwards, if a hen the chick will hang absolutely still.

If a chicken is hatched in the autumn, she will lay every day.

If a chicken runs across your path, return home and count ten before starting out again and bad luck will be averted.

If a hawk is flying above, throw a horseshoe into the fire and leave it there until hot; and the bird’s claws will become so clinched that it will be unable to capture your chickens.

If a hen is set when the wind is in the east, the chickens hatched from the eggs will stand about chirping all the time and not do well.

If a hen is sitting in a barn and the barn door slams, the eggs will not hatch.

If a rooster crows while standing on your doorstep on Sunday morning, you can prevent bad luck by killing the rooster at once.

If a rooster crows in your door during the morning, you will have company before the day is gone.

If a rooster crows while looking out the door, someone will leave the family.

If a rooster enters the house and begins to crow while you are taking him out, you will have company that day.

If a rooster on a fence crows when his head is turned away from the house, you are going to have an unwelcome visitor.

If a set is set in the morning, only roosters will come from the eggs.

If a woman enters your house first on New Year’s Day, your chickens will be pullets; if a man enters first, you may expect roosters.

If about dusk a rooster crows three times at your door, you can look for unexpected news.

If eggs are set so that they hatch in the new moon, the young chickens will grow quickly.

If it thunders while eggs are being hatched, every egg will be ruined.

If there is thunder while a duck is sitting, not an egg will hatch.

If you boil the egg that a pullet lays, she will not sit that year.

If you can spin an egg, it is boiled; if it does not spin, it is a raw egg.

If you collect guinea’s eggs, always remove them from the nest with a spoon and the guinea will not desert her nest.

If you do not handle eggs as gently as possible, they will not hatch.

If you kill a chicken and let it die in your hand, you will have bad luck.

If you merely touch the nest in which a turkey lays her eggs, she will leave the nest and make another one.

If you put a piece of sassafras under a setting hen, the chicken lice will just scoot away and leave the hen.

If you put eggs under a sitting hen with your right hand, you will secure roosters.

If you set a duck in the light of the moon, all eggs will hatch at one time.

If you set a hen in the sign of the “bowels,” the chickens hatched will have bowel trouble.

If you set a hen on Ash Wednesday, each of the chickens hatched will be of a color different from the rest.

If you set an egg that has two yolks, a twin chicken will be hatched; but it will live only a few days.

If you set long-pointed eggs, roosters will be hatched.

If your rooster is whipped by a neighbor’s rooster, your chickens will not thrive.

It is a bad omen to have a rooster crow at night.

It is an unlucky omen to hear a general cackling among hens.

It is not unlucky to kill a chicken by chopping off the head.

It is the sign of bad news to hear a rooster crowing about dusk.

It is the sign that a man is coming if a rooster crows in your back yard.

It is very unlucky to kill a chicken by wringing its neck.

Jerk some feathers from the back of a chicken’s head, just before killing it, and it will not flop.

Keep a black frizzly chicken in your yard and you will never have bad luck.

Long claws in a turkey indicate that its meat will be tough.

Nearby blasting will always destroy the eggs.

Never set a hen on an even number of eggs, or you will not be successful with the “hatching.”

Never touch guinea eggs or the guineas will change their nest.

Passing a flock of geese on the road will bring you good luck.

Pick a small hole in an egg and insert black and red pepper which will teach a hen not to eat eggs.

Place a setting of eggs under the hen with your left hand and you will have pullets.

Place one horseshoe in the fire and another under the doorstep so that hawks will not molest your chickens.

Prepare for the arrival of a caller, if a rooster jumps upon a fence and crows.

Prevent a hen from sitting by putting her in a crate which has a slat bottom.

Pullets will be hatched from the eggs if a hen is set any time during the morning.

Remove the eggs with a spoon and a turkey will not abandon her nest.

Scatter ashes in your hen house on Ash Wednesday before sunrise and your chickens will never have any lice.

Set a duck in the early part of a dark moon and you will be compelled to help each duckling out of its shell.

Set a hen at sunrise in the light of the moon and all the eggs will hatch.

Set a hen in the dark of the moon and half of the chickens hatched will be deformed.

Set a hen in the afternoon and you will have bad luck with the eggs.

Set a hen in the evening and pullets will be hatched.

Set a hen on Friday and she will bring you crosses to bear.

Set a hen when the wind is in the south and she will hatch three days sooner.

Set eggs before sunrise and they will hatch pullets.

Set round eggs and they will hatch pullets.

Set your eggs so they will hatch in the light of the moon and you will secure more chickens.

Set your hen and goose eggs on the ground so that thunder will not hurt them.

Soak an egg in vinegar and you can put it into a narrow-necked bottle.

Someone is coming into the family if a rooster looks in at the door and crows.

Someone will come if a rooster crows on your front porch.

The best time to set a hen for a good hatch is exactly at noon.

The chickens hatching from eggs laid and set in June will die.

The crowing of a rooster at night, except during the Christmas season, is a sign of bad luck.

The crowing of a rooster early in the morning indicates that you are going to have company.

The crowing of a rooster in the front door will bring a welcome guest.

The first broody hen of the season should be set on Monday for good luck.

The last egg a hen lays is very small and you must break it at once because keeping or eating this egg will bring you bad luck.

There will be an increase in the family if a rooster turns towards the door and crows.

There will be hasty news if a rooster crows at noon.

There will not be any lice or mites on your chickens if you clean the hen house on Ash Wednesday.

Thirsty hens cannot lay eggs.

Thunder on Sunday will spoil a setting of goose eggs.

Thunder will ruin a setting of goose eggs if they are in a nest off the ground.

Tie a gold ring on a string and hold it over an egg, if the ring swings back and forth over the egg it will be a rooster; if the ring remains still, a hen will come from the egg.

To avert bad luck when you find a soft-shelled egg, throw it over the house.

To have chickens free from disease, feed them corn that has been soaked in chamber lye.

To hear a peacock crying in the night is the sign that you are going to have trouble.

Too much grit given to chickens will cause blood in the eggs.

To obtain chickens in June set the hen so that the eggs will hatch in the light of the moon; for if the chicks come out in the dark of the moon, they will sleep themselves to death.

To prevent a brood hen from sitting, tie a red string around her leg.

To prevent lightning and thunder from harming your goose eggs during the spring, you must place iron around the nest.

To prevent thunder from harming a setting of eggs, keep an empty jar near the nest so the thunder can enter the jar and not jar the eggs.

To raise roosters, set the hen after the sun goes down.

To secure a good hatch of chickens, set the eggs on the 6th or 7th of any month.

Touch pigeon eggs and the pigeon will not return to the nest.

Two old women will come to your house if you see two old hens fighting.

The unexpected news will be heard if a rooster crows at dusk.

Unless you kill a crowing hen immediately, you will have bad luck.

Use thirteen eggs to a setting for luck.

Visitors are coming, when a rooster crows in front of your door.

When a candled egg has the air space on top, a rooster will be hatched.

When a chicken is killed and she contains a mature egg, set it and the chicken that is hatched will have feathers lying in the opposite direction from those of a normal hen.

When a rooster crows near your door, he is bringing bad luck.

When a rooster goes crowing to roost, you may look for bad luck in the family.

When two hens fight, you may look for the arrival of two women.

When you buy chickens and want them to stay home, cut off the ends of their tails and burn the feathers.

When you want roosters, carry the setting eggs to the nest in a man’s hat.

Whenever a peacock looks down and sees his ugly feet, he always holds his feathers down to hide them.

Write someone’s name on each egg of a setting and every egg will hatch.

You are going to have company if a rooster approaches your door and crows three times.

You can cure a hen of eating eggs by cutting off the end of her beak.

You can keep a hen from setting by placing her head under her wing and ducking her three times into a tub of water.

You can make chickens lay by feeding them baked egg shells.

You can procure pullets from eggs by carrying them to the nest in your apron.

You may look for a welcome visitor if a rooster sits on a fence and crows while looking toward the house.

You will be unfortunate with the eggs if you set a hen on Sunday.

You will have bad luck with the eggs if you count your chickens before they are hatched.

You will have bad luck if you find a soft-shelled egg.

You will have fine chickens if the eggs are set in the light of the moon.

You will have good luck with eggs if you set a hen in the morning.

Your chickens will not catch lice if you hang a banana stock in the center of your hen house.