Gardener’s Hand Cream.

This hand cream is especially beneficial for those hard-working hands. Because you are using unpreserved vegetable oils, if you don't have a cool, dark place to store the hand cream or a friend to share with, consider making only half this recipe at a time. To make calendula tea, pour a cup of boiling water … Continue reading Gardener’s Hand Cream.


It's time to dream of those summertime sandwiches and BLTs, made with tomatoes you grow in your own yard in pots or the ground. In most areas of the country, mid-May is the ideal time to put in tomatoes because they need warm soil, not just warm sun. They also need consistent moisture, especially while … Continue reading DREAMING of BLTs-WITH HOMEGROWN TOMATOES.

Aromatherapy Herb Garden.

One of the aspects we enjoy about growing herbs is the scent. Aroma is very evocative, and aromatherapy is growing in importance today. This garden has been designed not to create one's own oils, which is a complex process, but to have those aromas around that help our everyday lives, and to make an attractive … Continue reading Aromatherapy Herb Garden.

A Few Handy Tips!

Flowerpot Sterilizer. Just because a flowerpot is used and dirty, you do not need to toss it. Whether clay, plastic, or ceramic, the pot can be superficially cleaned with a strong blast from a garden hose. If the pot has white, crusty mineral deposits, scrape them off with an old knife {scraping clay pots will … Continue reading A Few Handy Tips!