Our Dreams.

Dreams allow us to receive and transmit magickal communique although we may not remember them upon awakening nor do we always understand them. Sleep and the dream state are where healing and rhythmic readjustments most frequently occur.

Although some use the phrase “just a dream” to indicate a hopeless cause or a figment of the imagination, there are many who believe that we each possess a special dream soul that actually journeys while we sleep. The experiences we have in dreams are genuine, just operating on a different plane of existence. We can meet the ones we love, have adventures, journey to spiritual realms and seek crucial information.

Ancient temples of healing, the first hospitals, offered herbal therapies, hydrotherapy, aromatic essences and cleansing smoke, but also invited the ailing and infertile to sleep and dream on the sacred premises. It was believed that divine spirits would communicate remedies through dreams and perform miracle cures.

Although states of tension and fatigue can occasionally stimulate an energy surge effective for emergency enchantment, unless you are sufficiently rested you can’t consistently access your true magickal potential.

How much sleep do you need? Enough to wake up feeling refreshed and enough to dream. Some believe that the true purpose of sleep is to provide access to the dream state. Our souls need these opportunities to visit other realms and other powers, to replenish our own forces and solve personal mysteries. The malady known as sleep deprivation may actually be dream deprivation.

There are of course always exceptions. People suffering severe disharmony, on any level, physical, spiritual, emotional, are often unable to sleep. Some have dreams too intense to handle. Others are petrified of communication with the Other Side; they cannot believe that Earth and her universe mean them any good.

Whether you recall your dreams or not, you do dream. Some people dream in color, others solely black-and-white. People typically have five dreams every night, each successively longer than the last. The longest, most significant dream is usually the last one, the one that occurs on the threshold between sleep and waking.

You can train yourself to remember your dreams. You can, if you wish, develop techniques of lucid dreaming whereby you retain consciousness and awareness during your dreams. Using this technique you can actively participate in your dreams, ask the questions you want, have the adventures you want versus just having your dreams happen to you. You can induce the dreams you wish or need to have.

Active dreaming is a process that requires patience and focus. Many of these skills can be acquired on your own. If the topic intrigues you, there are entire books devoted to lucid dreaming as well as dream laboratories, societies, and workshops that can encourage and assist you to take control of your dreams.

There are people who make dates with others to meet in dreams. When they awake, both can recall the shared dream. Twins, in particular, are believed to have an aptitude for this art. Lovers, separated by distance, have trained themselves to meet in the dreamland, where they can enjoy the romance denied them during the day.

You are most likely to receive

communication from other life forces during your dreams. If you request information or assistance from any spiritual entity, you will likely receive the answer in your dreams, perhaps immediately but also perhaps days or weeks later. Sometimes the information you receive is intended for someone else. When others turn up in your dreams, share the information and request that others share with you.

Remembering Your Dreams

The second you move abruptly or even sit up, you begin to lose fragments of your dreams. That’s why noisy, ringing alarm clocks that make you jump are so destructive to dreams. If you need an alarm consistently to wake you, try to set the volume as low as possible or better yet, wake up to music that will transition you awake rather than jolting you up.

Keep a pad and paper near where you sleep. Think of the dream state and the waking state as ends of a spectrum, rather than rigidly divided. You need to be awake enough to write but asleep enough to recall your dream accurately, one foot in both worlds, as it were. As soon as you transition out of a dream, write down everything you remember, every tiny detail, with minimal movement and minimal light. Don’t go back to sleep, intending to write down the dream later, assuming that because it was intense or significant it will be remembered. Try this experiment: write down a dream immediately and then later when fully awake, before you read what you’ve written, try to reproduce the dream. You will be amazed at how many details have already dissipated into the air. Write down all your dreams, even the ones you think are boring and insignificant now. Months later, go back and read your journal. You will begin to discover your personal vocabulary, the symbols that pop up over and over. Write down the dates of your dreams and keep a daily journal as well. You may discover you have prophetic abilities you’ve never recognized.

A Trick to Remembering Your Dreams

A trick to remembering your dreams:

keep a glass of water or mugwort tea by your bed. Take a sip before you go to sleep, telling yourself, “When I awake, I will have another sip and recall my dreams.”

If you’re aware that you dream but the dreams remain elusive, just out of reach, rub warmed hazelnut oil into the soles of your feet at bedtime. Add a drop of mugwort flower essence to the warmed oil for intensification, sort of like fine-tuning a television to improve focus.

Dream Pillows~Herbs and Fragrances

There are many herbs and fragrances that are beneficial for dreaming. You’re not restricted to only one dream pillow. The only stipulations are that you don’t want an aroma so stimulating that it keeps you awake. Also, make sure you like the smell. It doesn’t matter what it’s supposed to do if the smell irritates you and keeps you restless and awake. You also don’t want any sharp edges in your pillows. All materials should be considered from that standpoint. Rose petals are thus better than rosebuds, which can be hard and pointy. Grind dried herbs in your mortar and pestle to make them softer and powdery.

Combine the herbs as you wish. You can use one or many. You may want to balance herbs that promote restful sleep with those that promote active dreaming. Some recipes are included in this section of the blog: use these guidelines to proportion rather than as a rigid amount. A standard-size dream pillow takes about 8 to 10 ounces of dried herbs but everything depends on the actual size of your pillow and whether the intensity of the fragrance pleases you. Don’t stuff the pillow too full: you want it to remain loose and flat so that it’s comfortable under your head, not lumpy and hard.

* Because crystals need to be cleansed frequently, they are better kept out of dream pillows but dream roots may be added, such as High John the Conqueror or wormwood. Use only a small piece and bury it in the center of your pillow, covering it with softer herbs.

Mix your herbs in a container. If you’re adding fragrance oils, add only a very few drops of liquid. Mix with a wooden chopstick or twig. Allow the mixture to dry completely before stuffing your pillow. If the smell isn’t strong enough, add the liquid in batches, drop by drop, allowing the herbs to completely dry out before adding more, although be aware that fragrances tend to seem stronger in the dark when there is less outside stimulation. If the herbs get too wet, they may rot or smell acrid and are more likely to produce disturbing dreams than beautiful ones.

A Selection of Dream Herbs

Alecost facilitates contact with the Earth Mother.

Angelica provides prophetic dreams, visions and protection.

Anise: repels nightmares-use only a smidgen of the seed, as many find the fragrance of anise to be stimulating. A little should stimulate pleasant, romantic, sexy dreams. Anise may also increase psychic potential.

Bay Laurel: provides prophetic dreams and creative inspiration, gives spiritual protection and inspires self-confidence. Crumble the dried leaves, as whole bay leaves, can be very sharp. The tips can stick you right through the fabric.

Bee Balm: provides restful sleep.

Black Mustard Seeds: repel night demons and malevolent forces.

Calendula Blossoms: promote sound, peaceful sleep and physical healing, soothes nerves.

Catnip: promotes romantic dreams and restful, sound sleep providing you don’t have a cat who will claw you in an attempt to reach your pillow.

Chamomile Blossoms: provide romantic and financially inspirational dreams, spiritual protection and sound restful sleep.

Cloves: the initial scent is stimulating, but for most, continuous inhalation produces relaxation and deep, restful sleep. It promotes psychic and erotic dreams. Cloves also provide spiritual protection. Grind the cloves {smash them in your mortar and pestle} so that they’ll be more comfortable.

Henna brings good fortune, protection, fertility, romantic and erotic dreams. Henna produces a grounding effect, provides links to the Earth Mother and the Fire Angels.

Hops: provides peaceful, healing, very sound sleep.

Lavender Blossoms: promote peaceful sleep and sweet dreams. Lavender’s fragrance is reputed to allow you to see ghosts.

Lilac Blossoms: provide access to past life memories and heal broken hearts.

Linden Blossoms: promote inspirational dreams, sound restful sleep.

Mullein protects against nightmares.

Peppermint: encourages visions of one’s future.

Purslane: protects the sleeper from spiritual dangers.

Rose: brings romantic, erotic and psychic dreams. Rose eases grief and provides protection; promotes intense healing while one sleeps. Rose is beneficial for threshold states including premarital, premenstrual and postmenopausal.

Rosemary: some find rosemary’s scent too stimulating to permit sleep, so experiment with only a little bit at first. Dried blossoms may be preferable to the leaves. Rosemary provides mental stimulation while one sleeps and is excellent for students. It promotes romantic dreams and provides psychic protection.

Saint John’s Wort: promotes psychic healing and soothes stress. Saint John’s Wort strengthens resolve and is beneficial for those battling addictions, it also stimulates psychic power and provides spiritual protection.

Spruce Needles: pulverize them into powder. A Shoshone charm to prevent illness, spruce needles will also provide deep, peaceful; sleep.

Vanilla Bean: promotes romantic and erotic dreams.

Vervain provides protection and sound sleep, financial inspiration and romantic dreams. A Pawnee recommendation for pleasant dreams.

Wormwood {root}: provides protection, romance, psychic enhancement, encourages communication with the spirits.

Dream Pillows

Although dream pillows can be created to stimulate whatever dreams you desire, some specifically promote sleep, encourage the dream process and facilitate your psychic capacity and skills.

Insomnia Pillow

You’d love to dream, if only you could get to sleep….Hops provide sound slumber.

4 ounces dried hops

2 ounces dried rose petals

2 ounces either calendula, cowslip or lavender blossoms

Prophetic Dream Pillow

When you need to know what happens next.

4 ounces dried peppermint leaves

4 ounces dried rose petals

A few drops essential oil of sandalwood

Fly Me To The Moon: An Astral Projection Pillow

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon and magick. If you’re trying to fly, sample Artemis’ two favorite herbs.

4 ounces dried mugwort

4 ounces dried Dittany of Crete

To provide a grounding effect beneficial for safe astral projection, place individual jasper crystals over each of the seven chakra points.

Dream Oils

A warm bath before bedtime soothes the spirit and relaxes the body. Add a fragrance that elicits dreams. Some of the most powerful psychic fragrances, gardenia, and heliotrope, for instance, are rarely available as essential oils, although, in theory, they exist. Because producing an essential oil from these flowers is so labor intensive, or yields such tiny quantities, what is commercially available is almost inevitably a synthetic reproduction. Some smell so similar that they may stimulate your psychic imagination anyway and may be effective; however they do lack the physical properties and power of the true plant. Make infused waters from fresh blossoms. Add these to bathwater, place in a spray bottle and spritz the bedroom or sheets, or use as a facial toner before bed.

Sweet Dreams Bath

Bay leaves

Lilac blossoms

Yellow rose petals

Make an infusion with a fistful of each of the dried botanicals and add to your bath. If you have fresh flowers, just let them drift in the tub. {Don’t clean up the residue left in the tub until after you wake up; the effort will awaken you.}

Remember Your Dreams Bath

4 drops essential oil of juniper

4 drops essential oil of lavender

Four drops of essential oil of mimosa

Draw a warm bath and then add the essential oils. Swirl them around and enter the tub.

And if cost is no object…

Luxurious Remember Your Dreams Bath

4 drops essential oil of jasmine

4 drops essential oil of lavender

2 drops honeysuckle absolute

2 drops essential oil of neroli

Draw a warm bath and add the essential oils just prior to entering the water.

There are other ways to use plants to promote dreaming. Try placing one of these under your pillow.

Ash leaf promotes prophetic dreams.

Bay leaf keeps the tone of your dreams pleasant. Placed under your pillow on Valentine’s Day, a bay leaf helps you dream up your true love.

Calendula blossom provides prophetic dreams and helps you to identify a thief.

Cinquefoil normally has five points. A rare seven-pointed specimen under your pillow will help you call up the image of your true love.

Daisy roots bring dreams of absent or long-lost lovers.

Eucalyptus Seedpods guard against colds and infections and help build up physical immunity while you sleep.

Four Leaf Clovers bring dreams of love and help you to visualize your true love.

Only a very little is needed at a time, so use these drop by drop, in combination with dream pillows or independently.

* Place a drop on your sheets or pillows or rub one drop onto your forehead at bedtime.

* For a luxurious and relaxing bedtime ritual, warm up a little walnut or hazelnut oil.

* Add a few drops of the dream oil of your choice and massage into your feet and ankles.

* If you share a bed, massage each other and make a date to rendezvous in dreamland.

Dream Plants

Bergamot: soothes nerves, aids peaceful sleep.

Coconut: provides spiritual protection, promotes romantic dreams.

Frankincense: encourages deep, rhythmic breathing, soothes worries and stress, provides spiritual protection, calls in powerful spirits.

Gardenia: brings romantic and erotic dreams, provides psychic protection.

Heliotrope: promotes healing, prophetic dreams, and financial inspiration.

Hibiscus promotes erotic dreams and prophetic dreams.

Honeysuckle: promotes erotic dreams, psychic dreams, used to access buried memories. Honeysuckle will also help you forget a lost love and lessen destructive nostalgia.

Jasmine: promotes romantic and sensual dreams, invigorates the libido and provides spiritual healing.

Juniper: provides protection, assists in accessing buried memories, promotes healing on all planes.

Lavender: promotes sound sleep, peaceful and romantic dreams.

Mimosa: promotes prophetic dreams, provides a shield for those who are psychically and emotionally vulnerable.

Mugwort Infused Oil: intensifies the entire dreaming process. Use only a tiny bit at a time, as mugwort tends to provide exciting, adventurous dreaming. Some enjoy it but others find the dreams too intense and wild and wake up more tired than rested.

Myrrh: promotes erotic dreams, offers spiritual protection and has a soothing, healing effect.

Neroli: provides peaceful sleep, protection and eases stress.

Rose: relieves stress and tension, allays grief, heals a broken heart, provides romantic dreams.

Tagetes: stimulates erotic dreams and encourages communication with those who’ve passed from this existence, whether to receive or transmit a message.

Orange blossoms were traditionally placed upon a bride’s pillow to arouse erotic interest while assuaging her fears. Essential oil of Neroli is extracted from orange blossoms and is among the most expensive oils. Petitgrain, extracted from the twigs and unripe fruits of the orange and comparatively inexpensive, is more than adequately substituted. Petitgrain’s ability to induce sound sleep may be even more potent.

* You’re not limited to oil. Sprigs of any of these plants on your pillow or a potted plant placed near your bed so that its scent wafts over you can be effective, too.

Dreams: Incense, Stones, and Crystals

Herbs can also be burned in the bedroom to provide restful sleep and stimulate dreams and psychic protection. The incense is prepared and burned before you sleep.

1. Close the doors and windows.

2. Walk through the room with your incense, fanning the fragrance into all corners and especially around the bed.

3. Allow the incense to burn out naturally and dispose of it safely.

4. When you’re ready to sleep, open doors and windows as desired.

Dream Incense

Chopped or powdered bay leaves

Cedar wood shavings

Lavender blossoms

Pulverize equal parts and then burn. This incense should stimulate more vivid dreams and help you to remember them better.

Sweet Dreams Anti-Insomnia Incense

Frankincense resin

Storax resin

Rose blossoms

This incense promotes deep sleep while stimulating sweet dreams. Storax has served as a remedy for insomnia since ancient Mesopotamia. Pound the two resins together in your mortar and pestle, then add the rose blossoms and burn.

Calea za cate chichi, a native of the Mexican rain forest also known as Dream Herb is treasured for its ability to facilitate reception of spiritual advice and information in dreams. The traditional method of use is tea, however, newcomers beware: it doesn’t taste very good. Unlike mugwort, which can be doctored with a little peppermint and lemon balm, there’s not too much you can do to improve the flavor of za cate chichi. Try burning it as incense before you sleep, the effects remain profound. No need to venture into the rainforest to gather za cate chichi; it grows easily from seed indoors. Burn it alone or partnered with dried sage.

Stones and Crystals

Stones and crystals can also facilitate dreaming and protect slumber.

* An amethyst under your pillow encourages sound sleep and promotes prophetic dreams.

* A garnet under your pillow keeps nightmares away.

* Citrine serves to stimulate dreams.

* Red coral attached to a bedpost dispels nightmares and protects against spiritual dangers.

* A moonstone worn upon the body while you sleep performs the same function as red coral.

* A precious gemstone isn’t necessarily your most powerful tool. Finding a plain old pebble with a natural hole in it is a gift from the Earth Mother, to foster communication and enable you to receive healing dreams. Run a cord through the pebble and attach to your bed or yourself.

And finally, are you having too many dreams? Do you need a break? Hang a sprig of lemon verbena around your neck at bedtime as a temporary cease and desist.