Positive Power.

What You Think You Are, You Are.

The human brain is marvelous and complex. The mind has been compared to a robot; what you tell it, it believes. We can learn to use this “robot” of the brain rather than have it use us. Positive thoughts can actually become a power to change our lives and our health.

Many great athletes are noted for their ability to stay mentally “on top”. They refuse to allow negative thinking to interfere with their game or their ability. They use positive “self- talk” to keep from downgrading themselves. We also can learn to use positive “self-talk” to lift ourselves. It is just as easy to learn to say  “I want to be on time” as it is “I don’t want to be late”. We can learn to say to ourselves “I don’t know how to do_, but I can learn,” rather than “I can’t do anything, I’m not worth anything”. Every person on this earth is an example of an intricate, wonderful design, we have no right to downgrade ourselves or others. But we can appreciate the wonders of life and our opportunities to live it.

What you think actually affects your health. Those people who believe they will become sick usually have their expectations fulfilled, and those who say they rarely get sick also have their expectations fulfilled. It has been found very important for cancer patients to keep a positive attitude and positive thoughts to help fight the disease. It is interesting to note that when we are sick, we are often depressed and out-of-sorts. Perhaps we should consider happiness and positive thinking as a weapon against disease.

To those who are sick or depressed now, it may be easy to read about being positive but hard to practice. Part of your responsibility is to try to eliminate the cause of your illness and depression. Many books have been written to give aid with your physical body. Most people are able to improve but others, because of past injuries or genetic inheritance, may never be completely well. Even for these few, life does not need to be unhappy. Many lessons in gratitude, cheerfulness, and happiness are taught to the world by those who seem to be unfortunate. A positive attitude, a cheery disposition, a welcoming smile are among the greatest possessions in the world. These possessions are within the grasp of anyone who seeks them.

How do we seek them? First, know that it is possible to have them. Second, realize that each of us is responsible for our own happiness. We cannot blame any person or thing for our unhappiness. All of us have trials and tribulations, that is the way of life. Some of those trials and troubles are very hard indeed, but we can make it through. {Talking to our Goddess helps make the path easier. And to those who see another going through a crisis or troubled time, it is good to have an understanding heart, a listening ear, a helping hand, and a non-gossiping mouth.} Sometimes remembering that “this too will pass” and become a memory, helps in the time of deep trials. But to those who are simply looking for a scapegoat for their unhappy lives, it is time to know that the responsibility for your life and happiness rests with you.

How to Increase Positive Thinking in Your Life

  • Work with healing crystalsPick a crystal that you are drawn to (that is usually the energy you need). Set an intention for your crystal to see the positive in all things. Each day, hold your crystal and think about one thing you are grateful for, or change one negative thought to a positive one. This will help you realize how much good already surrounds you.
  • Writing in a journal — Research has found that people who write down a positive experience in a journal each day had better mood levels, fewer visits to the doctor and fewer illnesses.
  • Daily meditation — Those who meditate daily have more positive emotions than those who do not, according to research. Those who meditate have also been found to display increased mindfulness, purpose in life, decreased illness symptoms. This contributes to being able to stay positive even during the most challenging times.
  • Discovering your inner child — Schedule a time each day to do something that brings you joy. Having fun shouldn’t be left for just on the weekends if you have time. It needs to be part of our everyday life. By creating your own happiness and joyful experiences, you will foster more positive thoughts.
  • Live in the present moment — Often times, we put our happiness in the future. “I will be happy if I make more money.” But we have no control over what happens in the future, only the present moment. Think of the ways you can learn from your current situation, how you can make tangible adjustments to improve it, and what can make you happy that day, versus down the road. Try a positivity mantra that you can repeat throughout the day when you need extra strength.



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