Lavender Oil: A Love for Lavender Oil

A whiff of lavender oil can trigger various sensations, and its sweet fragrance brings to mind rows and rows of beautiful blue-violet flowers under the summer sky. But if you look beyond lavender oil's aroma, you'll find that there's more to it than meets the eye – or your sense of smell. What Is Lavender? … Continue reading Lavender Oil: A Love for Lavender Oil

What Is Lavender Good For?

Lavender Love Botanical Name: Lavandula Fragrant, beautiful, and versatile, lavender is typically added to bouquets or to bathwater for a purifying and uplifting effect. A close cousin of mint, it grows as a small shrub that has lovely violet flowers and green or pale grey leaves. It’s native to northern Africa and the mountainous Mediterranean … Continue reading What Is Lavender Good For?

Celebrating Beltane… whenever it is!

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a beltane julia jeffrey original art by Julia Jeffrey

I love Beltane, which marks the beginning of the light half of the year in the Celtic calendar. It is celebrated with bonfires, revelry, dancing, maypoles …. and rituals and ceremonies celebrating the union of the Goddess and the Green Man. [You may remember the song “The Lusty Month of May” from the musical “Camelot”, a song which definitely captures all aspects of this feast day! ]

But whento celebrate Beltane can be confusing… as well as how to pronounce it and spell it!

Because we are translating from the Celtic /  Irish-Gaelic language, use the phonetic English spelling that works best for you … Beltane, Bealtaine, etc. Most folks pronounce the word literally (bell-tane). In Ireland, Irish-Gaelic speakers refer to the month of May as Bealtaine, and pronounce it beeyowltanna.

So when exactly is…

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Mediterranean Diet

As the name suggests, the Mediterranean diet is a contemporary nutritional plan that has been encouraged by the conventional dietary guide followed by people living in the region around the Mediterranean Sea - Southern Italy, Greece and Spain. The main features of this heart-healthy diet comprise consuming high amounts of legumes, olive oil, grains, unprocessed … Continue reading Mediterranean Diet


If aromatherapy is a frequently misunderstood profession then the specialization of aromatic medicine is so out there we could be discussing Xeno botany here. But we're not talking about plant life on other planets, this is a unique branch of botanical medicine that employs volatile aromatic plant extracts in internal dose forms. What is Aromatic Medicine? … Continue reading AROMATIC MEDICINE: INTERNAL DOSING OF ESSENTIAL OILS

Let’s Create Some Herbal Medicine – Teas

Tea is a time-honored and widespread preparation method used by cultures around the world today - for at least the past 3,000 to 5,000 years, as well. This makes sense because teas utilize the most popular and available liquid substance in the world: water. Water at its boiling point {212 degrees F} will remove, or … Continue reading Let’s Create Some Herbal Medicine – Teas

Forest In Spring

"The fair maid who, the first of May, Goes to the fields at break of day, And washes in dew from the hawthorn tree, Will ever after handsome be." The gnomes no longer hide in the cleft of half-rotten trees. Not this season, this time, they snort behind fallen limbs hung in spring-green mosses, and … Continue reading Forest In Spring

Torchbearers light up the Meadows

Beltane Fire Society

Last week the Beltane 2016 Torchbearers took to the Meadows in Edinburgh for some fiery fun. Photopoint were there to capture the action.

Torchbearers light up the Meadows by Asier GoikoetxeaTorchbearers light up the Meadows by Bleu HopeTorchbearers light up the Meadows by Laura WallaceTorchbearers light up the Meadows by Martin McCarthyTorchbearers light up the Meadows by Neil BartonSee more Beltane 2016 rehearsal photos in this album on Facebook.
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Quick! Book your Beltane 2016 tickets before they sell out!

Photos (from top) by Asier Goikoetxea, Bleu Hope, Laura Wallace, Martin McCarthy and Neil Barton.

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A Poem For Beltane — GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

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