Monthly Archives: April 2016

What is Organic Farming? IFOAM, Certification and Organic Farming Methods.

What is Organic Farming? Do farmers truly understand the term, and how sure can you be when you see something that is labeled “organic” ? We discuss the cornerstones of this concept, IFOAM and explain organic farming methods and systems as opposed to conventional farming methods. Farming organically is a term that has been grossly misrepresented. It is not just

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Aromatherapy Herb Garden & How to Guarantee Your Garden Starts off on the Right Foot.

One of the aspects we enjoy about growing herbs is the scent. Aroma is very evocative, and aromatherapy is growing in importance today. This garden has been designed not to create one’s own oils, which is a complex process, but to have those aromas around that help our everyday lives, and to make an attractive garden, as the plants all

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