What is the Birthstone for April?

The April Birthstone is Opal, Diamond & Sapphire.
A gemstones that symbolizes a person’s month of birth in the Gregorian Calendar is called a Birthstone. These types of gemstone are commonly known as birthday stones and sometimes used as an anniversary gift related to a person’s age and year of birth. Since the mid 1800’s, the wearing of birthstones saw a new rise in popularity for the beauty and power the stones were thought to posses.

It is said that wearing an April birthstone will help to lessen the pain of ‘heartache’, which is a “mystical” trait said to be common among those born in the month of April.

The Birthstone for April Varies Depending Upon the Classification

The April birthstone, much like all other birthstones, will vary depending on the time period and method of classification. Traditional, modern, mystical and Ayurvedic (ancient traditional Indian Medicine) methods of classification, although they may agree on many birthstones, do have differences of opinion when it comes to certain months.

Modern Birthstone

The modern designation for the April birthstone is the diamond.

Mystical Birthstone

The mystical birthstone for April is opal.

Traditional Birthstone

The traditional is both diamond and sapphire.

Ayurvedic Birthstone

The Ayurvedic April birthstone is the diamond.

Birthstones According to The Signs of the Zodiac

Often people will look to choose their birthstone according to their personal zodiac sign and for an April birthday, Aries or Taurus could be the sign.

Individuals born in Aries will have bloodstone as their birthstone while those born in Taurus’ will have a diamond, opal or sapphire instead. The bloodstone is only linked to April birthstones through the zodiac because Aries shares the sign with end of March and March’s traditional birthstone is the bloodstone.

How Birthstones Came to the Worldwide Market

The well known jewelry company of today called Tiffany & Co. were one of the first to market birthstones onto the public market in 1870. A well designed marketing campaign was put into place whereby they released a poetic pamphlet designed informing the public of their personal gemstone in relation to their month of birth.

Some of the Metaphysical Properties of Diamond

• It’s important to know that the seventh crown, chakra Sahasrara, can be activated by the diamond. It is capable of uniting the body with the mind.• The diamond is related to the planet Venus according to Hindu tradition, though other ancient people believe it is connected with Mars. Diamonds were often worn in battle to provide protection and strength. It was believed that the diamonds would make the warriors invincible.

• Diamonds have also been viewed as the kings of crystals. It is this stone that is the most powerful and capable of opening more spiritual doors than any of the other stones out there.

• Capable of Cleaning Energetic Obstacles – Your aura and general energy can be cleaned with the use of the metaphysical properties of the diamond so that you can be a happier person mentally as well as spiritually. It can help to:

– Increase in self-respect and self-love
– Obtain inner peace
– Cast negative emotions away
– Induce a more positive mental attitude
– Drive away bad dreams
– Fight depression

• Physical Regeneration – The diamond has metaphysical properties to help with overall physical regeneration. Your health can be improved dramatically with the incorporation of the diamond:

– Regenerate the cells in the body
– Stimulate the endocrine glands
– Prevent cardiovascular diseases
– Helps skeletal problems

• Improvement in Wellness – If you are not well, improvements can be made simply by incorporating the diamond into your daily life:

– Resist addiction (particularly cigarettes and food intake)
– Improves sight
– Reduces fever
– Reduces fatigue
– Heals capillary bleeding

• Give Into your Desires – A diamond has the ability to give into some of your desires. If you dream it, the desires can be accomplished:

– Provide abundance
– Fulfillment of desires
– Accomplish your true destiny

• Magical Properties – Many people believe that the diamond has magical properties and this has continued since ancient times. It was the talisman worn by Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and many others. In order for the magical properties to be present, the mound should never prevent the diamond from touching the skin. It should also be worn on the neck and on the left hand. Said to promote and help to:

– Invincibility
– Preserve against sorcery
– Reflect negative energy

• The physical and mental healing with the diamonds are well known throughout many spiritual circles. There is some symbolism to be aware of the color and shape of the crystals as well. Diamonds are known to be found in various colors, including white, pink, blue, black, and others. While some of this has to do with impurities, the colors can focus on vitality, life energy, love and health, faith and protection, and the promotion of mental abilities as well as psychic stability.

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