Single Mom Parenting

Our daughter has decided to become a single parent!

We have taught our children to be independent, strong, to be who they are without false pretences. With that said, and a boyfriend who is not cooperating, our daughter who is very independent, strong willed and has always done things her way, without help, has decided that being a single parent is her course.

Challenges, yes, can she succeed, absolutely! Her Goddess self will not allow for failure. She has become one with her Amazonian sister’s. Including putting the male species in a cage and poking them with sharp pointy objects.

Have I mentioned that this is her first pregnancy; she is having a girl. Vivian Elizabeth will be arriving in August.

We have created a new blog for her. You can view it here at Lone Wolf Baby. Our goal is to encourage, support, and garnish all the current information for single Mom {and Dad’s as well}. I encourage feedback, advice, testimonials to help encourage, support single parenting.

Thank you for your support!


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