Small specks of eternal light that flit on beams of sunlight. They carry within them the seeds of laughter and love and have always been a special part of life and nature. Some identify them with dragonflies and others with fireflies. In reality, they are much smaller and ever present. Their mission is to spread laughter, to share the joy and to nurture the growth and evolution of the human and animal spirits. From time to time they can be seen in the brightest of sunlight almost as a shimmer. There are times when they can be drawn out by flowers, in gardens nurtured by those who have touched into the natural flow of the universal energies. They are always around natural beauty, drawing energy from the glow of its radiance. At times, they can be seen twinkling in the darkness when there is need of laughter and love. They carry the seeds of joy and spread them far and wide. Their mission is to release the energy for the laughter and love that brings joy to the human spirit. It is for mankind to recognize the seeds are there and to use them to open their hearts to the full potential that the laughter and love can bring into their realities. Fairies have been present since the beginning of creation and will always be. To see them, to recognize their presence one need only be still and watch for the glitter in the sunlight. To draw them in one needs only share laughter filled with joy and love and their presence can not only be felt but also seen within the minds eye.

Each will see them according to the extent of spiritual vision that is within. Everyone is able to sense and feel their presence. Lightness and love, combined with unconditional love create the atmosphere. Often they will be glimpsed around newborn babies for they’re energy is made of pure unconditional love. Often still will you find babies laughing for no reason, they see the fairies and fuel magic that only they can see.

These small beings have greater power than one could imagine and yet they are rarely felt or seen. Mankind doesn’t even recognize them and still they faithfully continue to shed love, light and laughter upon the human race. They are a rainbow of giggles that lead to a shower of laughter that opens to unconditional love. Mankind grows and heals because of these small specks of light that bring understand and wonder to even the youngest and smallest of the race. Animals are very used to their presence and welcome the visits for they know unconditional love when they see it … it will be a while for mankind.