Crystals For The Psychic Protection Of Children

Children are naturally energetically sensitive and many see auras, spirits, and other energy forms.  The challenge for children is to not be afraid when they can see or feel what others can’t.  In this article, I’d like to discuss ways that you can empower your children and help them deal with their sensitivity.

The best time to start is before they even get up in the mornings. This can be done whether the child is in a crib or old enough to be in an adult- size bed.  I suggest bathing them in white light and asking the powers that be to protect the child.  If you need inspiration for doing this, just imagine the bubbles kids blow in the summer and encase your child in one of them.  To strengthen this field, you can ask their guardian angel to sit on top of the bubble and keep it strong.  You repeat this process every night when they go to bed and every morning when they wake up.  If you are a Reiki Practitioner, you can place a CKR symbol in their aura above their Crown Chakra and imagine a white bubble coming out of the symbol.

If you meditate, go to your favorite spot and ask the help of angels.  My favorite is Archangel Michael, but feel free to ask whichever deity/spirit/ angel you are comfortable working with.  Ask the angel to form a protective ring around you and imagine that your child/children are in the ring with you.  You can ask for a protective ring of mirrors (to reflect energy back), fire (to keep others away) or pink (to wrap your child in love).  Imagine this ring and feel its strength for approximately 5 minutes.  After you are done, thank the energies that helped, drink some water, and continue with your day.

Children love crystals and have a natural affinity for picking out which ones are best for them.  Teaching children how to build protective walls is very important and if they can use crystals to augment this habit, it will be of immeasurable help as they grow older.  If they are too young to do visualization exercises, having a piece of jewelry made out of one of these crystals will help.  For the young child wearing a piece of jewelry, an adult can imagine the energy of the crystal surrounding the child as another form of protection.

The following list of crystals forms the foundation of a protective practice. .

Labradorite – Not only does it protect the aura, but the play of light will also appeal to many children.  For kids who are imaginative, they can imagine themselves in the center of this crystal where the lights are constantly changing.

Rose Quartz – Although this isn’t normally thought of as a protective crystal, you can have your child work with its loving energy by having them imagine themselves encased in pink. Some children have playmates or schoolmates that may not be friendly, but by wrapping the other child/children in pink, your child may find them easier to get along with.

Tiger Eye – Like Labradorite, many children will love to play with the light refraction in this crystal.  I would suggest any color that they are attracted to in this stone.  You can ask them to imagine the crystal shooting out a light that forms a force field them around them.

Hematite- This crystal is very shiny and may appeal to children who love shiny objects. Many can imagine a fortress wall built by this crystal that keeps them safe.

If your child seems to absorb the energy of the atmosphere around them, they can be taught to blow the energy out of their mouths.  When the child is still, have them sit down and imagine white light being poured into their heads to clean out the unwanted feelings. As the light is being poured in, they can help get rid of the unwanted feelings by exhaling out of their mouths.  As the air leaves their mouths, they can push out all the unwanted energies that don’t belong to them.  After doing so, they can ask fairies and angels to change all the negative and unwanted stuff into “pixie dust” and “angel dust”.  This may take up to 5 minutes to do.  After they are done, place a protective shield around them or have them practice building one by themselves.

Many children see things that others don’t.  This is the time when communication is extremely important.  I recommend talking to the child to ask them what they see.  Some may be able to describe in full details; others may just be able to draw them.

Children may sense the energy of their guides, angels, or loved ones who have passed, but because they are not familiar with them, they may become scared.  By identifying who or what they see, you can reassure your child and let them know that they are being protected and loved.  On the other hand, if they are scared, they need to feel that they have the power to get rid of the energy.  They can tell the energy to get out, move away, or leave them in peace.  If they aren’t comfortable doing so they can ask their angels to do so.  Some children like using a pointed crystal wand to draw a protection ring around themselves. Others like to use the wand to send out a white light that keeps the other energies away.  A Selenite wand is perfect for this purpose.  To strengthen their connection to their spiritual guardians, I like to place statues of protective energies (angels, deities, fairies, etc.. by their bedside.

If you do all of the above and it is not helping, I would clear the home of energy by using sage, holy water, and sound.  They may be sensing negative energies which were unintentionally brought into the home.  Some children are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields and it is possible they are sensing these.  I would move all electronics as far away as possible from their bedroom, especially their beds.  For many children keeping a night light or a salt lamp on in their bedroom helps tremendously to allay fears.  Amethyst, Chrysoprase, and Sodalite under their pillows may offer deeper and more restful sleep.  Jet under the mattresses will provide some protection and help to clean the energy at the same time.

Psychic Children by Sylvia Brown and Kids Who See Ghosts by Caron Goode are two books that can help parents understand what their children are going through and how they can make their lives more peaceful and enriching.  Trust that, although you are not sensing what they sense, what they are going through is real and you can help them empower themselves.


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