A Burlá Ghuí for Birth, Death and Rebirth

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IMG_4641 A Burlá Ghuí prayer bundle (thank you Karen Ward and Slí An Chroí)

On tonight’s Full Egg Moon, I was privileged to participate in a global moon maiden ritual, preparing a Burlá Ghuí for Birth, Death and Rebirth under the auspices of The Morrigan, the Celtic Goddess associated with this triple cycle of life (similar to the Valkyries or Kali). Some of us came together in Circle, and others worked solitary in their own Sacred Space and time zone.

What is a Burlá Ghuí (a Celtic phrase, pronounced bur-la gwee)? You may know it as a prayer bundle made with natural organic elements, much like a mandala, mesa or despacho. After the Burlá Ghuí ritual is made and its ritual complete, it is either burned (returned to the Light) or buried (gifted to the Earth). Some choose to hang it from a tree first.

This ritual can be performed…

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