Torchbearers light up the Meadows

Beltane Fire Society

Last week the Beltane 2016 Torchbearers took to the Meadows in Edinburgh for some fiery fun. Photopoint were there to capture the action.

Torchbearers light up the Meadows by Asier GoikoetxeaTorchbearers light up the Meadows by Bleu HopeTorchbearers light up the Meadows by Laura WallaceTorchbearers light up the Meadows by Martin McCarthyTorchbearers light up the Meadows by Neil BartonSee more Beltane 2016 rehearsal photos in this album on Facebook.
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Photos (from top) by Asier Goikoetxea, Bleu Hope, Laura Wallace, Martin McCarthy and Neil Barton.

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