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Herbs As Primary Healthcare Tool

Despite the advance of modern medicines as well as several other prevailing alternate streams of medicines, people in several countries across the globe still use herbs as the basic healthcare too. In effect, plenty of the remedial features of modern or contemporary medicine have been adopted from the researches undertaken on herbal remedies in the ancient times. However, it is

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Prickly Pear Cactus {Opuntia ficus-indica}

Also, Known As Barbary Fig Prickly Pear Cactus Tuna Cactus Prickly pear cactus (botanical name, Opuntia ficus-indicia) is a cacti plant that has the characteristic of being a fruit and flower compact and has been used by the native Mexican tribes for treating a range of ailments and health conditions for several centuries now. While growing naturally, it is found

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Rhodiola {Crassulaceae – Rhodiola rosea}

Other members include jade plant. Also, Known As: Golden root, rose root, and arctic root. Plant Part Used: Root. Rhodiola is a perennial that grows to 30 inches, produces bushy yellow flowers, and has a thick, gold-pink rhizome, hence the names golden root and rose root. It thrives in some of the harshest conditions on Earth high in arctic mountains

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Floral Calendar

Calendars have existed for thousands of years in various forms. The Chinese, Japanese, Romans, Egyptians, and Hopi and Navajo Indians, among countless others, developed calendars. Each of these calendars was different, but each was an accurate means of keeping track of the seasons and the passage of time. Because calendars were so closely tied with nature, it followed logically that

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Self-Heal, Heal All

You’d think a plant with a name as auspicious as this one would be dramatic and imposing. Instead, it camouflages itself in your lawn. But it has been used internally and externally since at least the 2nd century in both China and Europe. Its botanical name, Prunella, derives from the German word Brunella, which comes from dying Braune, meaning quinsy

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THE marsh marigold is considered of great use in divination, and is called “the shrub of Beltaine.” Garlands are made of it for the cattle and the door-posts to keep off the fairy power. Milk also is poured on the threshold, though none would be given away; nor fire, nor salt–these three things being sacred. There are many superstitions concerning

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