Wormwood {Artemisia absinthium}

Also, Known As: Absinthe Absinthium Ajenjo Common Wormwood Green Ginger Madderwort Old woman Wormwood Primarily native to Europe, wormwood is a perennial shrub-like herb that has grayish-white colored stems wrapped with delicate and glossy hairs. Wormwood normally grows up to a height between one and three feet and bears leaves that are smooth, hairy and … Continue reading Wormwood {Artemisia absinthium}

Ashwagandha {Withania somnifera}

Also, Known As: Ashwagandha Indian Ginseng Withania The herb known as the ashwagandha is a small plant in the same plant family as the common garden tomato. This plant is a stout shrub which can grow to a height of about five feet-170 centimeters when fully matured. The ashwagandha is similar to the tomato, in … Continue reading Ashwagandha {Withania somnifera}

Morinda {Morinda citrifolia / Morinda officinalis}

Also, Known As: Ba Ji Tian Morinda Noni The herb commonly called the morinda is botanically known as Morinda citrifolia. The name noni is also used for commercial purposes. The plant is widespread throughout much of the Pacific region and among the Pacific island societies - morinda is one of the main traditional sources of herbal medicine. … Continue reading Morinda {Morinda citrifolia / Morinda officinalis}

Boldo {Peumus boldus}

Also, Known As: Baldina Boldina Boldo Boldoa Boldu Boldus Molina Boldo is an evergreen shrub that develops unhurriedly and often grows to a height of 6 m to 8 m. The shrub is native to South America, especially in the Andean expanses of Chile and Peru, and is also indigenous to different regions in Morocco. … Continue reading Boldo {Peumus boldus}

Southernwood {Artemisia abrotanum}

Also, Known As: Southernwood Southernwood (botanical name, Artemisia abrotanum) is a shrub-like plant that grows perennially to a height of three feet (one meter) and possesses a potent aroma. The stems of this shrub are woody while it bears fluffy leaves that have a silver-green hue. The flowers of this plant are yellowish in color. Southernwood … Continue reading Southernwood {Artemisia abrotanum}

Life Root

Senecio aureus Also, Known As: Cocashweed Coughweed False Valerian Golden Ragwort Golden Senecio Liferoot The herb known as the life root is a perennial wild flower species of the daisy family of plants - Asteraceae; it reaches about half to two m in height. A small rosette of basal leaves approximately six to eight inches … Continue reading Life Root

Botanical Naming Of Herbs

Every herb has two sets of names - common names and a Latin name, which is usually its botanical name also. While the common names of the herbs may be modified by people in different eras and different places, the Latin names of the plants remain the same almost always. Generally, many gardeners refrain from … Continue reading Botanical Naming Of Herbs

Chickweed {Stellaria media}

Also, Known As: Adder's Mouth Chickweed Indian Chickweed Satinflower Scarweed Starweed Starwort Stitchwort Tongue Grass White Bird's-eye Winterweed The plant known as the chickweed is a very fragile appearing herb; as a plant it is actually a very lusty annual plant characterized by the presence of matted to straight green stems growing in profusion over … Continue reading Chickweed {Stellaria media}

Lobelia {Lobelia inflata}

Also, Known As: Asthma Weed Bladderpod Emetic Herb Gagroot Indian Tobacco Lobelia Pukeweed Vomitroot The herb known as the lobelia - botanical name, Lobelia inflata - can reach from one to two feet in height and is commonly called Indian tobacco. The herb grows as an annual or as a biennial. It is characterized by … Continue reading Lobelia {Lobelia inflata}

Mouse-ear {Hieracium pilosella syn. Pilosella officinarum}

Also, Known As: Felon Herb Hawkweed Mouse-ear Pilosella Mouse-ear (botanical name Hieracium pilosella) is a perennially plant that grows up to a height of anything between three and 15 inches. Mouse-ear is a creeping herb that usually grows like a carpet on crawling runners, every one of which takes the form of a basal rosette … Continue reading Mouse-ear {Hieracium pilosella syn. Pilosella officinarum}