Garden Burnet {Sanguisorba minor}

Also, Known As: Garden Burnet Salad Burnet A perennially growing herb, garden burnet has slender stems that emerge from a basal rosette of leaves that are divided like pinnate and grows up to a height of 10 inches to 30 inches. This herb produces gray-green leaflets that are jagged and oval shaped. The plant bears … Continue reading Garden Burnet {Sanguisorba minor}

Greater Burnet {Sanguisorba officinalis}

Also, Known As: Common Burnet Greater Burnet Italian Burnet Italian Pimpernel Greater burnet is a perennially growing herb belonging to the family Rosaceae, subfamily Rosoideae. This plant is indigenous all over the cooler climatic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, especially North America, Europe, and northern Asia. This herb also has a number of sub-species called … Continue reading Greater Burnet {Sanguisorba officinalis}

Sweet Marjoram {Origanum majorana}

Also, Known As: Amaracus Annual Marjoram Knotted Marjoram Sweet Marjoram Sweet marjoram (botanical name Origanum majorana) is one of the more delicately flavored cousins of oregano. Sweet marjoram is a soft perennially growing herb that is actually cultivated in the form of an annual in the gardens in the northern hemisphere. This herb is considered to … Continue reading Sweet Marjoram {Origanum majorana}

Saw Palmetto {Serenoa repens}

Also, Known As: Palmetto Sabal Saw Palmetto Saw palmetto was a frequent ingredient in the conservative remedies during the first half of the 20th century and was generally used as a moderate diuretic and also as remedies for chronic cystitis. Saw palmetto herb was also believed to be an effective therapy for enlarged prostates. Since … Continue reading Saw Palmetto {Serenoa repens}

Turmeric {Curcuma longa syn. C. domestica}

Also, Known As: Turmeric Belonging to the ginger family, turmeric grows round the year. The herb has a broad bulb that has big, rectangular and long leaves that are attached to the stem. Basically found and cultivated in a large scale in tropical countries like India, China, Jamaica, Indonesia. Haiti and Philippines, turmeric normally grows to a … Continue reading Turmeric {Curcuma longa syn. C. domestica}

Wild Thyme {Thymus serpyllum}

Also, Known As: Creeping Thyme Mother-of-thyme Wild Thyme The wild thyme is native to the larger parts of Europe where the land is dry. The wild thyme is rare compared to the common thyme's and is farmed extensively. Normally, wild thyme is found growing up to a certain altitude on the Alps, on high plateaus, … Continue reading Wild Thyme {Thymus serpyllum}

Blue Flag

Iris versicolor Also, Known As: Blue Flag Blue Iris Flag Lily Fleur-de-lis Flower de-luce Iris Liver Lily Poison Flag Snake Lily Water Flag Wild Iris Blue flag (botanical name, Iris versicolor) is also known as wild iris and it prevails nearly all over the West. The appearance of the blue flag is similar to that … Continue reading Blue Flag

Alkanet {Anchusa officinalis}

Also, Known As: Alkanet Bugloss Common Alkanet The plant known commonly as alkanet is a biennial herb familiar to all herbalists. The herb is characterized by coarse and hairy stems as well as leaves that arise out of a cluster of basal leaves. The plant is about 1- 3 feet tall when fully developed. The … Continue reading Alkanet {Anchusa officinalis}

Horsetail {Equisetum arvense}

Also, Known As: Bottlebrush Horsetail Mare's Tail Scouring Rush Shave Grass Horsetail is a well-known herb; it is a perennial herb growing in moist loamy or sandy soil found in much of the North American continent, as well as in similar climates in Europe and Asia. The morphology of the horsetail herb is very strange and the … Continue reading Horsetail {Equisetum arvense}