Aconitum napellus Also, Known As: Aconite Auld Wife's Huid Blue Rocket Cuckoo's Cap Friar's Cap Jacob's Chariot Monkshood Soldier's Cap The aconite is a shrub which sports purplish blue aconite flowers that bloom during the summer as well as during the fall and are generally shaped like a helmet. The form of the flowers is … Continue reading Aconite

Summer Herbs: Feverfew {Tanacetum parthenium}

Also, Known As: Bride's Button Compositae Featherfew Featherfoil Febrifuge Plant Feverfew Wild Chamomile The feverfew herb has been used as an herbal remedy since the time of Dioscorides-78 A.D. The herbal remedies made from the feverfew was used to treat problems such as a headache, the development of menstrual irregularities in women, disorders such as stomachaches, … Continue reading Summer Herbs: Feverfew {Tanacetum parthenium}

Ground Ivy {Glechoma hederacea}

Also, Known As: Alehoof Cat's-foot Creeping Charlie Field Balm Gill Run Over Ground Ivy Haymaids Hedge Maid Wild Snakeroot Ground ivy is an herb-like plant that grows perennially up to a height of 8 inches to 20 inches (20 cm to 50 cm) and has a square stem that produces circular, having well-serrated leaves. The … Continue reading Ground Ivy {Glechoma hederacea}

White Clover {Trifolium repens}

Also, Known As: Dutch Clover White Clover White clover (botanical name Trifolium repens) is a clover species that is indigenous to Europe, West Asia and Northern regions of Africa. Extensively introduced across the globe, this species is cultivated in the form of a pasture crop and is currently even common in the grassland regions of … Continue reading White Clover {Trifolium repens}

Heather {Calluna vulgaris}

Also, Known As: Heather Scotch Heather The familiar heather plant - Calluna vulgaris - belongs to the Ericaceae plant family. The plant is an evergreen shrub that has many branching stems and can reach one to two feet in length when full grown. The heather is characterized by the possession of minute and needle-like leaves, … Continue reading Heather {Calluna vulgaris}

Mugwort {Artemisia vulgaris}

Also, Known As: Cingulum Sancti Johannis Mugwort St. John's Plant The mugwort is a shrubby perennial, with dark green deeply indented leaves and with several clusters of small reddish or yellow flower heads. The herb can grow up to three ft, or one m in height. This amazing shrub has been known since the ancient … Continue reading Mugwort {Artemisia vulgaris}


Saponaria officinalis Also, Known As Bouncing Bet Fuller's-herb Lady's-washbowl Latherwort Old-maid's-pink Soapwort The soapwort is a perpetual plant, which is also popularly known as the bouncing bet in America. It also has several folk names like the latherwort that are derived from the herb's distinguished feature to produce lather like the soaps. The herb has … Continue reading Soapwort

Motherwort {Leonurus cardiaca}

Also, Known As: Lion's Ear Lion's Tail Lion's Tart Motherwort Although motherwort is indigenous to Europe, over the years, the plant has acclimatized itself to the different conditions all over North America. Presently, motherwort is found in the terrain ranging from Nova Scotia to Montreal and southern parts of North America to Texas and North … Continue reading Motherwort {Leonurus cardiaca}


Arnica montana Also, Known As: Arnica Arnica Flowers Arnica Root Common Arnica Leopard's Bane Mountain Arnica Mountain Daisy Mountain Tobacco Wolfsbane The herb known as the arnica is characterized by a creeping rhizome; arnica is an aromatic and perennial plant, which gives out a basal rosette of four to eight downy leaves which reach a … Continue reading Arnica