Cleavers – A Common Little Known Herb.

Galium aparine Also, Known As: Catchweed Cleavers Goose Grass Cleavers, botanical name Galium aparine, is an herb-like annual plant that is found growing in damp or verdant locales as well as besides the banks or rivers and along the fences in eastern United States, Canada as well as the Pacific coast. Belonging to the plant … Continue reading Cleavers – A Common Little Known Herb.


Chimaphila umbellata Also, Known As: Butter Winter Ground Holly King's Cure Love in Winter Pipsissewa Princes pine Pyrola Umbellata Rheumatism Weed Pipsissewa is a petite evergreen herb that grows perennially and up to a height of 3 inches to 10 inches. Plants of this species produce glossy, vividly green, jagged leaves that emerge in order … Continue reading Pipsissewa


Humulus lupulus Also, Known As: Common Hop English Hop European Hop Hops Hops Vine Lai-ei-ts'ao Le-ts'ao The hops or the hop plant bears the name Humulus lupulus L. in botanical circles. This perennial plant belongs to the plant family Cannabidaceae. The plant is a climbing vine, which gives out scaly and cone-shaped fruits called hops from … Continue reading Hops

Elder {Sambucus nigra}

Also, Known As: Bourtree Elder Elder-berry Elder-flower European Elder Pipe Tree The plant called the elder is used to describe a bushy shrub like plant that can reach a few feet in height as shrub-like forms normally do or it may be referring to a tree reaching up to fifty feet in height - the … Continue reading Elder {Sambucus nigra}


Tilia americana or Tilia Europea or Tilia cordata Also, Known As: American Basswood American Linden Basswood Bast Tree Common Lime Lime blossom Lime Flowers Lime Tree Linden Linden Flower Spoonwood Wycopy Linden is a tree belonging to different species of the genus Tilia, also known as lime or basswood tree. This herb has been used … Continue reading Linden

Irish Moss

Chondrus crispus Also, Known As: Carrageen Chondrus Crispus Irish Moss The Irish moss became associated with the Irish potato famine that occurred in the middle of the 19th century, the Irish moss was consumed as a food by thousands of desperate Irish people to ward off starvation. The starving population took to eating the bushy curly … Continue reading Irish Moss


Zea mays Also, Known As: Corn Corn Silk Indian Corn Maize Yu Mi Shu The common corn is one of the most easily recognizable plants in the world; it is used as a major food in many different areas of the world by a variety of peoples. Morphological, pith filled and a nodded stalk with … Continue reading Cornsilk

Mother Of All Eagles

“Mother of All Eagles’ themes are freedom, perspective, overcoming, health, power, destiny, the Air Element, and movement. Her symbols are feathers (not Eagle – gathering these is illegal). On the warm summer winds, Eagle Mother glides into our reality, carries us above our circumstances and stretches our vision. Among Native Americans, the Eagle Mother represents … Continue reading Mother Of All Eagles

Comfrey {Symphytum officinale}

Also, Known As: Ass-ear Blackwort Bruisewort Comfrey Consormol Knitback Knitbone Comfrey (scientific name Symphytum officinale L.) is also known as knitbone or common comfrey and belongs to the Boraginaceae family. It is a perennial herb having black roots resembling turnips and bears broad leaves with bristles. The herb is indigenous to Europe and grows in soggy and lush green … Continue reading Comfrey {Symphytum officinale}