Wild Indigo {Baptisia tinctoria}

Also, Known As: Baptisia Clover Broom Horsefly Weed Indigo Broom Rattlebush Shoofly Wild Indigo Yellow Indigo The very term ‘indigo' associated with a plant's name brings to the mind that it must be yielding a rich blue pigment. But, unfortunately, wild indigo is a plant that is an inferior alternative to the original indigo dye … Continue reading Wild Indigo {Baptisia tinctoria}


Sedum telephium Also, Known As: Evergreen Frog Plant Live-forever Live-long Orpine Stonecrop Witches'-moneybags Live-long (botanical name, Sedum telephium), also known as ‘Evergreen' or ‘Live-forever', usually grows up to a height of three feet. The herb has derived its name from its persistence to sustain for a long time. It may be noted that this plant … Continue reading Live-long


German Chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla Roman Chamomile - Anthemis nobilis The chamomile herb is another well-known plant, used in making effective herbal remedies for the treatment of a variety of illnesses. The herb has a great relaxant action on the nervous system and the digestive system. The herbal remedies made from this plant are considered … Continue reading Chamomile

Oregon Grape

Berberis aquifolium Also, Known As: Oregon Grape Mountain Grape Not many people are aware of the interesting fact that the state flower of Oregon blooms on this beautiful shrub. Known for its attractiveness and its rapid growth, the Oregon grape is used medicinally, as well as for ornamental landscaping in several homes across the country. … Continue reading Oregon Grape


Viburnum opulus Also, Known As: Crampbark Cranberry Bush Cranberry Tree Guelder Rose Pembina Pimbina Whitten Tree Crampbark (botanical name Viburnum opulus) is basically a shrub that is indigenous to Europe as well as North America and is also found growing in the northern regions of Africa and Asia. The US National Formulary documented crampbark as … Continue reading Crampbark

Black Haw

Viburnum prunifolium Also, Known As: American Sloe Black Haw King's Crown Sheepberry Snowball Tree Stagbush The American plant known as the black haw is native to the American continent, and it is believed to have been in traditional use for the preparation of many types of herbal remedies as well as a source of food … Continue reading Black Haw


Arctostaphylos uva ursi or Arbutus uva ursi Also, Known As: Arberry Bearberry Bear's-grape Crowberry Foxberry Hog Cranberry Kinnikinnick Mealberry Mountain Box Mountain Cranberry Red Bearberry Sagackhomi Sandberry Upland Cranberry Uva Ursi The uva ursi herb, which is more commonly known as the bearberry is a small and evergreen shrub belonging to the plant order: Ericaceae. … Continue reading Bearberry