Arctium lappa Also, Known As: Bardana Beggar's Buttons Bur Burdock Burdock Burrs Burrs Burr Seed Cockle Buttons Grass Burdock Great Burdock Hardock Hareburr Hurrburr Lappa Lappa Minor Niu Bang Personata Thorny Burr Turkey Burrseed The dried root of the burdock species of plants is used to make an herbal remedy known simply as the burdock. … Continue reading Burdock

Wood Betony

Stachys Officinalis Also, Known As: Betony Lousewort Purple Betony Wood Betony The herb known as the wood betony is commonly considered to be the most important among the Anglo-Saxon herbs. There are at least twenty-nine uses of the wood betony in the treatment of physical diseases. At one time, the wood betony was probably also … Continue reading Wood Betony


Calendula officinalis Also, Known As: Bull Flower Butterwort Calendula Cowbloom Death-flower Garden Marigold Golden Flower of Mary Holigold Marigold Marsh Marigold Mary Bud Mary Golde Mary Gowles Pot Marigold Solis Sponsa Solsequia Water Dragon Since the dawn of civilization, the ligulate florets of the Calendula officinalis L. plant, which are commonly and falsely believed to … Continue reading Calendula