Patchouli {Pogostemon cablin syn. P. patchouli}

Also, Known As: Patchouli Patchouli is a luxuriant perennial herb that grows up to three feet or one meter in height. The plant possesses stems that have square shapes and bears elliptical leaves. The leaves of the plant are soft and grow opposite to each other. They emit an aroma when rubbed. Patchouli bears spikes … Continue reading Patchouli {Pogostemon cablin syn. P. patchouli}

Vetiver {Vetiveria zizanioides}

Also, Known As: Cuscus Khas Khas Vetiver Vetivert Vetiver (botanical name Vetiveria zizanioides) belongs to the grass family, which also includes sorghum, maize, sugarcane as well as lemongrass. This plant has had an irregular history, as it was given no less than 11 names in four dissimilar genera at one time. The generic name ‘Vitiveria’ is derived from the … Continue reading Vetiver {Vetiveria zizanioides}


Also, Known As: Chaste Tree Chaste Berry Vitex agnus-castus Family: Lamiaceae Even though it's sometimes considered a classic "women's herb," the Renaissance name for vitex fruits was "monk's pepper," so called for their ability to decrease the libido of the abbey's residents when sprinkled on their food. Since they probably needed it often, the monks … Continue reading Vitex


Cassia senna syn. Senna Alexandria Also, Known As: Alexandrian Senna Senna The senna plant is a small shrub belonging to the Caesalpiniaceae family. Incidentally, the senna belongs to two genus of Cassia - C. senna also known as Alexandrina senna, and C. Angustifolia that is also called the Tinnevelly senna. While the first variety of … Continue reading Senna


Rhus trilobata Also, Known As: Aromatic Sumac Basketbush Fragrant Sumac Ill-scented Sumac Scented Sumac Skunkbush Skunkbush Sumac Squawbush Skunkbush (scientific name Rhus trilobata) is a low-growing, bushy shrub belonging to the sumac genus. Also known as sour berry or three-leaf sumac, it grows up to a height of anything between 2 feet and 6 feet. … Continue reading Skunkbush

Yellow Dock

Rumex Crispus Also, Known As: Chin-ch'iao-mai Curled Dock Garden Patience Narrow Dock Parell Patience Herb Sour Dock Yellow Dock For centuries, herbal medical practitioners have been prescribing the roots of the various genus of the dock as a therapy for blood and liver ailments. Even to this day, many herbalists continue to prescribe the same, but with … Continue reading Yellow Dock

Building Immunity

The last decade alone has seen an influx of infectious diseases and virulent strains increasingly unaffected by conventional treatments. Overuse and abuse of antibiotic medicines and antibacterial products have turned the war on germs into a war on humankind as once-common bacteria and viruses mutate to new levels of resistance. According to an article in … Continue reading Building Immunity

The Healing Properties Of Herbs

There have been lots of pharmaceutical studies to evaluate the active elements present in herbs to discover the reason as well as the manner in which they work. A relatively outmoded method is to classify the herbs by exploring the types of health conditions that they can aid in curing. Identifying the actions of the … Continue reading The Healing Properties Of Herbs

Chemistry Of Herbs

A herbalist should be fully aware of details about the pharmacology of herbs, a basic understanding of it. Herbs are used for healing the human body, they are considered to be holistic agents, and they are used on a physical and biochemistry level. Many pharmacologists try to find out the constituents of herbs, place them … Continue reading Chemistry Of Herbs

False Unicorn

Chamaelirium lutetium Also, Known As: Blazing Star Devil's Bit False Unicorn Helonias Root During the colonial period in North America, people used false unicorn, also known as Liatris (botanical name Chamaelirium lutetium) as a medicinal herb. However, its current use is strictly limited to being an ornamental plant. In fact, false unicorn is preferred by … Continue reading False Unicorn