Endangered Herbs!

I am excited about the increasing popularity of herbs. But, I am also a bit concerned - that popularity translates into a serious impact on the environment when popular herbs are overharvested. In North America, commercial wildcrafting {picking herbs in the wild} goes back to the days of trappers who sold ginseng along with their furs. … Continue reading Endangered Herbs!


Ocimum basilicum Also, Known As: Arjaka Basil Common Basil French Basil Garden Basil Luole Royal Herb St. Josephwort Sweet Basil Tulsi The plant known as the basil is an annual herb, which is cultivated worldwide as a flavoring herb in many cuisines. The basil comes in many different varieties, each with its own unique chemical … Continue reading Basil


Anethum graveolens syn. Peucedanum graveolens Also, Known As: American Dill Common Dill Danish Dill Dill Dillseed Dilly Dillweed European Dill Garden Dill The familiar culinary plant known as the dill is an annual aromatic herb, which is about thirty inches tall - seventy-five centimeters in height. The herb bears feathery leaves on an erect stem … Continue reading Dill


Foeniculum vulgare Also, Known As: Common Fennel Fennel Hsiao-hui-hsiang Large Fennel Roman Fennel Shatapushpa Shih-lo Sweet Fennel Tzu-mo-lo Wild Fennel Xiao-hue-Xiang The well known aromatic culinary herb called the fennel was extensively used as an herbal remedy to aid digestion in the ancient eras; it is a very pretty and feathery looking fragrant herb. Digestion … Continue reading Fennel