Release your Inner Mermaid for the New Moon in Cancer

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For June’s New Moon in Gemini, I invited you to consider your journey for the month and choosing either that of the Hero or the Heroine, aka the “Shero”.

Both journeys are profound, testing one’s “coeur-age” (bravery of the heart), persistence and resilience but with one being primarily an outerjourney through the world (the Hero’s journey) and the other being primarily an inner journey (the Shero’s journey).

Both journeys start with the energy and awakening of the New Moon. Just like at the end of Winter (akin to the Dark Moon), we move towards Spring (akin to the waxing Moon). The seed is there but is still developing and germinating. During the three days that we are influenced by the New Moon energies, that seed will take slowly take form into what you choose to manifest over the month.

Last month’s Gemini New Moon invited us…

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