Day: July 4, 2016

Release your Inner Mermaid for the New Moon in Cancer

Originally posted on Inner Journey Events Blog:
For June’s New Moon in Gemini, I invited you to consider your journey for the month and choosing either that of the Hero or the Heroine, aka the “Shero”. Both journeys are profound, testing one’s “coeur-age” (bravery…


The process by which one medium is encouraged to permeate another, usually herbs in water or oil. The most famous infusion of all is your basic cup of tea and if you can make a cup of tea with leaves rather than a tea…


The integration of crystals alongside nature’s bounty can be a wonderful benefit for growth and regeneration. By placing these minerals at the base of any plant or burying them alongside your vegetables, they can bring an added sense of encouragement and even spirituality to…

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