Second New Moon of Summer

Elder Mountain Dreaming


Monthly Moon Musings By Phoenix of Elder MountainOur second New Moon of Summer starts at “13 degrees” of Cancer, beginning July 4th, 2016 with the planet of communication Mercury, conjuncting the Sun | Moon, in opposition to Pluto. These are powerful when Pluto in any form, influences us. Mercury retrogrades, which most people are familiar with, prepares us for our impatience, but this moon, we have the opportunity of a direct motion to work with anything that arises. More difficult truths should come forth this month, not always positive, but always for the sake of personal change. The moon in Cancer issues are about family, purpose, work, ancestors and personal issues with a touch of danger (because of Pluto this cycle). Last moon, Gemini and Sagittarius ruled both trickster and chaos, bringing us upheaval but Cancer moon changes this external into feeling things internally. Sooner or later we…

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