Day: July 11, 2016

Pagan Calendar: July 12, 2016

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Pagan Calendar: July 12, 2016 Tuesday: Day of Honor Tuesday is a time to focus on masculine vibrations for invocations relating to hunting, competition, or sporting prowess. This day is also good for goal setting, motivation, and…

Rune Stones Meanings And Symbols

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine Rune Stone Set Available on Etsy, Hand Crafted by psychic medium Ian Scott About The Viking Rune Stones The rune stones and their meanings, an ancient anglo-saxon alphabet in the time of Odin (old Norse od, meaning ‘spirit’), (…

Crystals and Stones to Attract Summer Romance

Are you single and ready to mingle or attached and want to add some fire to your relationship? Using simple crystals and stones helps to revive the energy around you and invite great things into your life—even love and romance! Check out some of…

Cocktail Recipe: Borage Fizz

Borage flowers, according to sixteenth-century herbalist John Gerard, “exhilarate and make the minde glad.” One look at the vivid, star-shaped blue flowers and I tend to agree. Gerard wrote that a syrup of the flowers could “comforteth the heart” and “purgeth melancholy.” It also…

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