HandsThere are so many Magick Beings that are most commonly assiciated with Magick and the Occult that we Summon to assist us with our Magick Work…we call upon them…the Spirits

Some Spirits known to us as Angels are good and benevolent while others called Demons are evil and malevolent

Which Spirit you call upon depends on the kind of Magick you are preforming what you want to accomplish


Calling upon the Evil Ones from Hell they will come to you in a variety of guises and play wicked jokes on people

They cause nightmares and unpleasant things to happen if you don’t take control of the Summon and immediately direct the Demon on why you Summoned him and direct him on what you want him to do

Why Summon a Demon?

Lucifuge has the power over all treasures on Earth

Agaliarept can unveil any mystery

Sargatanas opens all locks

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