The Antediluvian Wall Of Texas: A Lost Civilization Under Texas?


July 14, 2016

More than 100 years ago, a strange wall was discovered in Texas. Now, it turns out that the remains of this wall may have belonged to an antediluvian long lost civilization that inhabited the region in the distant past.

There is a town in Texas called Rockwall. Most people that live there have absolutely no idea from where the town got its name from. It turns out that the town was named after a strange wall was dug up together with a giant skull after people were searching for water.

According to reports, the Antediluvian map is a nearly perfect rectangle with 4 miles in width and 7 miles in lengths, with a total area of over 20square miles.

It turns out that the top of the wall had a uniform elevation of 550 ft above sea level.

But how was the wall discovered?


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