Great Spirit, Mother Earth {chant}

Powers of the four directions,

my ancestors,

And all those who love me,

hear me now.

This is a prayer of thanksgiving for the miracle of life.

When I awake in the morning, Great Spirit, And I take a breath of morning air, I look toward the sky, searching the morning light For your face,

And when I find it, a radiance comes to me, So beautiful and so blissful That I cannot put words to the gratefulness That is in my heart.

There is much pain and confusion in this world, And oftentimes I lose my way, And I know not what to do.

Then I sit in silence, and I listen To the high north wind in the pine trees,

And you sing to me.

I open my eyes and I look at the flowers And the miracle of beauty that they are.

Again I see your face, And I wonder at my ignorance.

So days go by, and I follow my path of heart,

And I pray to you, Great Spirit, Grateful and strong from your grace.

The four-leggeds and the winged ones Bring joy to my life, And I thank you for their presence all around me. Their purity of being reminds me of you, And I know that they are mirrors, Shiny and brilliant with your reflection.

I know that much gives away so that I may live. The sacred give-away I receive and return,

Ever grateful for your flowing power within me.

Without you, I could not see the beauty That you have given us.

I feel the sun on my face, and I know your warmth,

And I know that somehow everything is perfect.

I give thanks as I walk my path of beauty.

For you I live all the days of my life.