The Fae For Tea

A Fairy’s house stands in a wood, Midst fairy trees, and flowers,
Where daisies sing like little birds
Between the sun and showers, And grasses whisper tiny things
About this world of ours.
Such flowers are there beside the way, Lilies and hollyhocks:
Blow off their stalks to tell the time
Tall dandelion clocks; While harebells ring an hourly chime
Like a wound music-box.
Some day shall we two try to find
This strange enchanted place?
Go hand in hand through flower-lit woods
Where living trees embrace–And suddenly, as in a dream, Behold a fairy’s face!
~~Author Unknown.~~


We have been deeply immersed in fairyland over here.
 We were inspired and decided to bring our own fairy garden to life!
It has been wonderful. I love how easily I can lose myself in creating miniatures for our fairy friends.
I laugh to myself when I catch myself more immersed than the girls ~ mama’s time to play!
Here’s one of our wee creations for our fairy garden…


 and a quick how to.
Birch bark
Small twig
Glue gun
Cut your twig for the spout.
Glue it on.
Cut a thin strip of birch bark and glue on for a handle.
(It helps to fold the handle a bit a both ends for the gluing)
Glue on your acorn cap lid.
Brew up some fairy tea!
For your itty bitty tea cups ~ cut out a small circle of birch bark.
Glue on an acorn cap.
Cut and glue on a birch bark strip handle.
After creating our tea set, we realized these fairies would surely appreciate a fairy flower snack.
So we created this little plate out of pine cone scales and an acorn cap.
We filled it with fresh flowers and invited the fairies to tea!


In Fairy Love