Woodland Fairy Folk

Woodland Fairy Folk

I have been imagining this family of fairies…just awaiting all the pieces…and they found me ~  pine cones at my favorite beach, acorns at a park in town and these lovely pink maple keys on a tree. I gathered and stored…with people wondering why I had pine cones tumbling out of my backpack, acorns living in my purse and  maple keys in the coffee holder in my car?! ~ for woodland fairy folk of course!

So simple ~  no need for a tutorial here! Basically a just pine cone body, an acorn head, maple key wings,  dried grass arms and a stone to glue it all on to ~ fire up your glue gun  and off you go!  I love crafts that can be created, more often than not, with nature from your own back yard (or other’s back yards ; ) !

As I brought these wee fae folk into existence and felt their spritely nature come to life…I knew they  each needed a name. (I must confess…creating fairies has that effect on me!)
Here is the Queen mama Ashley and her babe Vivian…
The king of the fairies…Oberon.
the mystical daughter
and the regal son

These magical fairies made themselves right at home in our backyard…

Creating these after my family hit the hay was such a wonderful way to soak up the quiet and let my imagination take over…lost in another world…reminding myself of the gift it is to take time out in solo stillness.
In the spirit of sprites

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