Autumn Gardening

As we roll into the last weeks of summer and anticipate the cooler days of autumn, an amazing amount of natural magick and garden witchery supplies become available to us. These materials can easily be found growing in the backyard Witch's garden, or thriving in pots and containers set around the porch or patio. Magickal … Continue reading Autumn Gardening

Why You Might Be a Witch

Why You Might Be a Witch By Theodora Goss   Because sometimes you dream of flying the way you used to.   Because the traffic light always changes for you. Because when you throw the crusts of your sandwich to sparrows in the public park, they hop close and closer, until they perch on your … Continue reading Why You Might Be a Witch

Autumn’s Enchantments..

Ah yes, autumn's enchanting. Is it any wonder the season of enchantment and witches is celebrated in the autumn? Long ago and far away, wise woman in my lineage made predictions based on their observations of the natural world. Frogs croaking more than usual, moles digging up soil more than usual, cats not wanting to … Continue reading Autumn’s Enchantments..

Grandmother Autumn: A Children’s Story

Once there was a time before time became time. We feel it still in that moment between day and night, night and day. It is that time when what was vanishes, and what will be is yet to be seen. It was in that moment when all life stirred upon the Earth in sparkling energies … Continue reading Grandmother Autumn: A Children’s Story