The Witches Gossip Corner

In Wicca, they define Witches as any individual drawn towards the Craft. Even you as readers and those drawn to the benefits of Spellwork are Witches. However, those who are new to the Craft will fall under specific types of practitioners. In this series, you will uncover the 7 main types of witches, continue reading … Continue reading The Witches Gossip Corner

Family Samhuinn 2016 | Beltane Fire Society

The Family Samhuinn 2016 organisers are Cat Somerville and Clara Koenig You can get in touch with them by email at Family Samhuinn is a spooky invitation to children and their fa… Source: Family Samhuinn 2016 | Beltane Fire Society

Samhuinn Fire Festival 2016 | Beltane Fire Society

What? Samhuinn Fire Festival 2016 When? 9pm on Monday 31st October 2016 Where? This year we’re returning to our traditional home! We will be processing down Edinburgh’s historic Royal M… Source: Samhuinn Fire Festival 2016 | Beltane Fire Society