A Call To Our Ancestor’s

To blood and bone
We sing in stone, In dirt and tree and root
We pray to know In flame and snow
The breadth of all our birth.
We seek your words In food and mirth, In story and in myth,
The ways that you, O Ancestors lived in love and frith.
We seek you high, We seek you low,
In Earth and Sky and Life.
We seek you in the utter dark And seek you in the light.
We seek you from the Void’s old home
From Ice and Flame combined,
From the Tree, Breath and Body,
Our bloodlines are defined.
So come to us O Sacred Ones, Dance and sing and speak
So long we’ve been without your voice, So long we have been weak
Come fill us with your blessings
 Come fill us with your songs
And when we die accept us in
To join the Odal throng!
Welcome me, O Ancestors, Holy One’s New and Old.
And through your guidance, Your grace, your gifts,
Let the paths of wyrd unfold.