Calling Down the Moon

Calling Down the Moon, sometimes referred to as Drawing Down the Moon or Calling to the Sky Goddess, is a very wonderfully mystical experience, for you are standing before your Goddess, by whatever name you call her, asking that she descend to you, sharing with you, her knowledge and power.

This joining with the Goddess is sacred and should be approached with immense consideration for the honor held within this rite, for you are not only requesting the Goddess be with you but you are also welcoming her into your actual spirit.

I was not to fully understand all the amazing events I witnessed around my Great Grandmother until much later in life. My Great Grandmother was a Witch of great wisdom and understanding raised in the old world. Through her, I saw and experienced the marvels of magick.

Whenever I call unto the Goddess beneath the Moon’s bright and smiling face, there is a sense of my Great Grandmother standing beside me, as I stood with her when I was but a child.

I remember thinking that I was so much luckier than my friends, all of them having to go inside or to bed when it became dark. I got to play well into the night, underneath star-blanketed skies.

I always knew which night was going to be one of those special nights outside. It would begin early in the day with my Great Grandmother calling me to help her pile firewood beneath her big black wash pot, the one that stood on three legs behind the house. We would gather up fresh herbs and pick flowers, sometimes to make special necklaces to wear depending on the time of year. We would fill the pot with water freshly drawn from the well and put the lid on it so no unwanted bugs or dust would fall into the clean water.

Before night completely closed in, we would light candles and kerosene lamps in the house and on the back porch, since my Great Grandmother had no electricity. We could hear all the marvelous melodies from the creatures that came out to sing in the warm night air.

Then my Great Grandmother would tell me stories of her childhood and how she would learn of the Earth Mother and Sky Goddess from her mother and how we must respect the gifts bestowed upon us. Then we would walk along the narrow path to the big black pot we had readied earlier in the day. We carefully placed a quilt on the ground close by the encircled area and my Great Grandmother would light the wood we had piled under the black pot during the day.

Soon we would have a glorious blaze crackling within the night. How I loved watching the flames leap high into the sky as if trying to douse the stars with their very glow. Each spark seemed to carry a message up and beyond the world I knew, into the heavens.

Positioned on that quilt I watched my Great Grandmother as she cast the herbs and flowers we had picked during the day into the pot. She would sing and chant the most beautiful words and I tried to sing along with her. Within my mind, I can still hear her words and smell the wood burning as the aroma of the bubbling three-legged pot filled the air.

Before the night ended, my Great Grandmother would call me to stand beside her. We would stand with arms outreached and call to the Sky Goddess for her wisdom and power. It was wonderful, though I didn’t completely understand that this was something Witches had been doing for as long as time had been time.

The origins of this ritual, what we call Calling Down the Moon, can be traced to ancient times. Thessalian Witches are the first recorded in history to perform this rite. Witches throughout time were believed to control the Moon. In truth, we seek the strength found within its power: an understanding. We cannot command what we do not have faith in. In faith, we can control and command the universe

Witches love the Moon and the calling of her energies for empowerment. From full to dark we celebrate each wondrous and magickal change. It is the Goddess we call on within these Moons since the Goddess rules the Moon and it is her energy that we celebrate. Whether for ritual or merely to take pleasure in the powers of the Moon, it is that special time each month set aside for your relationship with the Goddess and to focus on her and her alone.

Witches today still perform this powerful rite of Calling Down the Moon. It is no longer the same rite the ancient ones would have performed, due to the many natural, environmental and regional changes, as well as generations of time.

When you know you are ready to seek the Goddess by calling her down, or Calling Down the Moon, you must understand that you are standing before your Goddess. Think of yourself standing before crowned royalty within a magnificent temple sanctuary. You would not be thinking of the coffee you spilled on your new carpet or if it might stain. Your mind would be on what was going on around you and what was about to happen. In the calling of the Moon, your Goddess, in this same way, your heart and mind should be concentrating on that moment in time. That moment you shall be sharing with your Goddess and nothing more.

When Calling Down the Moon, it is best if you can be outside under the night sky. But since many Witches live in cities and apartments it is not always possible. So be situated where you can best feel the powers from her, because she is always there, whether you see her or not. Constant as the Moon.

Calling Down the Moon: A Meditation Ritual

I have been fortunate to participate in many Rituals and Gatherings for Calling or Drawing down the Moon, standing beneath the full Moon’s glowing face and feeling the sensation that runs through you with the energy from her power as it encircles all the souls united as one.

But life, for whatever reasons, does not always make such gatherings with others easy to find or attend. You should not allow anything to stand in your way along your personal journey with your Goddess.

Before you begin, you should have all electrical items that make noise turned off: phones, cell and otherwise; TV; answering machine; door bell; pagers and so on. I know some of these are just a part of day-to-day life, but unless you are truly able to leave the cares and sounds of this world behind, you will not be able to completely enter into the veil of the Goddess.

If you are going outdoors, it is a good idea to place any items you need for meditation in a small basket or box. You don’t want to get started and then have to stop and start again. If you are inside, you should make sure you have everything with you in a place where you will not be intruded upon.

Items needed:

  • Candle to represent your Goddess: if you are working outside it should be in glass so it will not blow out and you have to stop and relight it during your working.
  • Incense to represent your Goddess.
  • Flowers favored by your Goddess to give as a gift unto her blessings.

Again, life will try to push in and break your concentration. If you have a family that is going to be knocking on the door asking what you are up to, or children (or husbands) that will be wanting attention it may be best to do this meditation ritual late at night or early in the morning when everyone is in bed.

Dress or not according to your tradition in a way to free you from this world’s constraints.

Now you will need to find that place that is empowering to you and your Goddess.

You may if you wish cast a simple circle around where you will be. Light your candle and incense.

Sit and get as comfortable as possible. Stretch and take some deep breaths in and out.

Focus your vision on the candle’s flame as you relax your entire body and mind. Using your third eye visualize yourself moving through time and space into the world between the veil of color and light. Allow yourself to open the curtain of time and pass into another plane of existence. This is not a place I can describe for you, it is the world only you can know and you will know when you arrive.

At this time take a deep breath of air. As you release it, open your eyes. Before you, see your Goddess in whatever form she desires to visit you. Spirit, being, animal, star or Moon.

Talk to her, tell her all your dreams and desires. This is your time with the Goddess. Time has no meaning here.

When you have finished or the Goddess has removed herself, close your eyes and return through the veils as you entered into this sacred place.

Stand, facing the Goddess in her Moon form. Holding your hands to the sky, give her blessings and honor with your words and gifts.

When finished blow out the candle and return to this world, refreshed by the powers of the Lady.