The arrival of the full moon each month may highlight what is no longer serving you. As the moon reaches its fullest and brightest, much in your life will also have come into full illumination, highlighting both what is and isn’t working.

Particularly if you set new moon intentions, the full moon may shed light on what is holding you back from progress and is a perfect opportunity to remove what stands in your way.

Many people feel energy intensifying in the lead-up to the full moon. If you have felt the pressure building, perform a full moon releasing ritual to cast off what is no longer serving you.

Even if you’re new to harnessing the energy of the moon and not sure what you’re experiencing at an energetic level, you can still perform a releasing ritual at the full moon. Remember, you can release physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually – you may wish to clean out your possessions, take an inventory of thoughts and beliefs no longer serving you, release pent up emotions or perform a chakra cleansing meditation.

You can also seek guidance from your guardians, spirit guides or angels to help illuminate what is ready to be shed from your life, through journaling and/or automatic writing, pulling an oracle card or sitting in quiet meditation.

The Good Witches Homestead full moon releasing ritual:
  • Gather special items to create an altar and sacred environment. This might include crystals, oracle cards, journals, candles, incense or oils, or any other items that speak deeply to you. For example, feathers are a great symbol of connection to guides and angels, so you may wish to have one present.
  • Weather permitting, perform your ritual outside under the full moon, or perhaps inside by a window overlooking the moon.
  • Set your intention for your ritual. Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and articulate what your ritual is for. Allow this to come from deep within your spiritual heart, not your head. (That means, don’t think about it, feel it). For example, “I create a releasing ritual to cleanse me of old behaviors and patterns I’ve now outgrown.” Saying this out loud does have power, as well as committing it to paper in your journal.
  • Write down all the things you wish to release, remembering you have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This month you may just release from one body, or you may focus on all four. Journaling will help you see the connections from month to month, across all four bodies.
  • Give thanks for what it’s already served. Everything happens for a reason and while you’ve now outgrown whatever you are releasing, be sure to give thanks for its arrival, for showing you a new way forward and adding to your growth and development.
  • Symbolically cast off your list. You may wish to now burn the paper you wrote your list on, tear it into little pieces, or simply blow out the candle with the intention to set free all you wrote down.
  • Visualize the release. Sit for a moment, visualizing all you’re letting go of. You might like to imagine it as a symbol now floating off to the moon, or perhaps you hand your list over to your spirit guides and angels to carry and heal for you. Either way, see yourself freed from the heaviness of that which you no longer need to carry.
  • Do something healing for yourself. This may be simply enjoying a cup of tea, eating a nourishing meal in the moonlight, lighting another intentional candle or cleansing your crystals in the full moon light. Mark the occasion in some way. Give yourself the gift of time.