Winter Care For Air Plants

Many love taking their air plants outside for the warm months but since air plants are a tropical species, they need to be brought indoors when the nights start to fall below 40 degrees. Once brought inside, your air plants will need some special attention to adjust to their indoor environment. The main differences between the … Continue reading Winter Care For Air Plants

Sculptural and Stylish, Air Plants Thrive Indoors with a Minimum of Care

Nothing But Air Amazing air plants live their lives without ever touching soil, often high in the treetops. As indoor plants, they don’t really live on “nothing but air”—even air plants need a regular dunking to stay hydrated. But care is minimal, and because they are not tethered to a pot of soil, air plants … Continue reading Sculptural and Stylish, Air Plants Thrive Indoors with a Minimum of Care

How To Make A Mossy Wreath

It Is Alive Assorted air plants adorn this wreath covered in Spanish moss. The frosty color palette is appropriate for winter display; change up the look by adding holiday baubles or foraged natural objects as the season's change. Hang the wreath on a wall or door or lay it flat as a table centerpiece. MATERIALS … Continue reading How To Make A Mossy Wreath

Embracing the Darkness at the Winter Solstice | The Druid’s Garden

The period of time around the winter solstice, when the light of the sun is weak and our days are so short, is a period of difficulty for many. Darkness is something that we fear in industrialized … Source: Embracing the Darkness at the Winter Solstice | The Druid's Garden

The Winter Goddess | Exile on Peachtree Street

The Ice Queen artwork by Sulamith Wulfing Source: The Winter Goddess | Exile on Peachtree Street

Winter Goddess

The Winter Goddess is part of the cycle of life, she represents the death which will give way to new life in the spring. Source: Winter Goddess

Yuletide Cheer!!

The chill breath of winter touches us, As blankets of snow cover the ground. With the glow of moonlight upon them, It's like diamond sparkles all around. Inside the room is cozy and warm, The scent of evergreen wafts from the fire. Surrounded by love and family, I've got all that I could desire. Sleigh … Continue reading Yuletide Cheer!!


Health Benefits of Goldthread Goldthread, also known as coptis or canker root, is a genus of perennial herbs that have been part of Asian and North American traditional medicine for hundreds of years. The roots of the plant look like a tangled mass of gold thread, hence its name. Herbal goldthread is actually the powdered … Continue reading Goldthread

Cat Scratch Fever: Everything You and Your Cat Need to Know

Cat scratch fever occurs when a person is bitten, scratched, or licked by a cat infected with the bacteria Bartonella henselae. The infection doesn't usually cause severe complications. However, it's possible that it can in people with weak immune systems. Knowing the causes and symptoms can ensure a person receives swift treatment. Cats can transmit … Continue reading Cat Scratch Fever: Everything You and Your Cat Need to Know

Winter Gathering: Parsnips and Pears

Learn all about growing, storing, and cooking with parsnips and pears. Where I live and farm in Southeastern Utah, parsnips and pears are highlights of the autumn harvest. Pears are picked in late summer when they’re still slightly under-ripe — allowing them to sweeten without becoming coarse and mealy like those left to mature completely … Continue reading Winter Gathering: Parsnips and Pears