Bach Flower Remedies For Dogs

Becoming aware of our emotions and seeking to balance them has a fundamental and positive impact on our relationships with our four-legged friends.Essences of flowers are most appropriate to deal with issues related to any animal’s emotions as well as behavior. In fact, the most important aspect of their effective usage involves understanding your dog well. You will comprehend specific issues and also find out what is apparently prompting them by observing her more and more. This will help you to select the most appropriate essences for her from several hundred available options.

In addition, the understanding towards the behavior, as well as the response of your dog, is vital for assessing the consequences of administering a flower essence to him. Provided that you are on the same wavelength as that of your dog, you may possibly observe some fine, but distinct changes. However, you are likely to miss these fine distinctions in case you have not spent some time to find out the root cause of the troubles. You ought to realize that flower essences are unlike huge sledgehammers that strike your dog on his head and change her in just a few days. On the contrary, the consequences of administering essences are slow as well as mild and usually it may take a prolonged period to notice the remarkable results using the flower essences.

While administering flower essences to your dog, it is important that you should only try one of them at one time, and observe the consequences over the next some number of days. As far as the dosage of these essences in concerned, the frequency at which you administer the essences is vital compared to the amount. Precisely speaking, you may possibly find that administering just four drops of the selected essence four times daily may work better than administering eight drops of it twice daily.

Although people often use flower essences to deal with problems related to the behavior of an animal, you ought to be aware of the fact that these essences are certainly not antidotes or universal remedies. If you find that your dog is showing indications of being threatened by himself or others around him, it is important that you talk to an experienced veterinarian to exclude the medical cause first and subsequently consult an animal behaviorist (who should not be a simple trainer). Talking from the behavioral point of view, flower essences have the aptitude to aid in prodding an animal in the appropriate direction. However, the flower essences are not a replacement for appropriate professional medical assistance.

To help you to get started, below are brief synopses of some Bach’s essence. Always bear in mind that these are not all the essences that are available, but they are among those that are most widely available commercially. They are described in an alphabetical order, not essentially in the order of their importance or availability. The essences mentioned below are available in the majority of the stores selling health foods and are available in small amber bottles that save them from harms caused by the actions of light.

Rescue Remedy
In principle, Rescue Remedy is not an essence, but a blend of essences of five flowers that the English bacteriologist, homeopath, and pathologist Dr. Edward Bach believed worked excellently for treating severe cases of stress. In fact, the Rescue Remedy is among the best accepted and familiar among all the essences created by Dr. Bach. In fact, lots of people find this Bach creation to be extremely effectual when employed in a combination with a different basic essence. In other words, it has been found that the Rescue Remedy more or less works to strengthen the effects of other essences. Dissimilar to other remedies, you can obtain the Rescue Remedy in the form of a cream that is used externally to treat cuts, burns, rashes as well as other different external sufferings.
You may consider using the Rescue Remedy for any dog that has been suffering from tremendous trepidation, nervousness and/ or response to nervous tension.
This Bach remedy is especially meant for the animals that are very impassive and also those that are not very much in contact with their emotions and, hence, they generally repress their nervous tensions by expressing exaggerated affability.
You may think about administering this particular essence to dogs that are extremely enthusiastic to entertain, to the extent of ignoring their personal requirements as well as health and well-being.
Aspen is a Bach essence that deals with fear. In fact, fear or terror may come in various forms and Aspen is generally administered when the cause of fear is unidentified. Similar to human beings, animals too may experience panic attacks and may delve into pacing, gasping, shuddering as well as going around.
It is advisable that you consider Aspen for healing any dog that becomes nervous and astonished for reasons unknown. It may also be administered to dogs that are wary of others.
Beech is a Bach remedy suitable for animals that are unable to adjust to change properly or get easily irritated by the actions as well as the weirdness of other household members. This remedy helps to restrain such annoyance towards other household members’ behaviors and, at the same time, helps them to be more tolerant to as well as flexible to such activities.
You may think about administering this Bach remedy to dogs that are always whining or refusing to accept any newcomer in the family, irrespective of the newcomer being a human or an animal.
Centaury is possibly the most appropriate essence that deals with a wimping animal. This essence is administered to animals that are extremely less confident regarding their personal identity and, therefore, are also very reluctant to affirm their desires and requirements. Animals requiring this essence are those that always follow the rules and abide by those who they consider stronger as well as more authoritative compared to them. However, such wimpy behavior may always not be beneficial for such animals.
You may consider administering this flower essence to subordinate animals that are always following the commands of a stronger and authoritative animal in your household or the weakest among a set of offspring who require learning the means to support as well as defend themselves.
Somewhat like in the case of Centaury, this essence is most suitable for trying on animals that have leadership problems. Cerato helps such animals in restoring their confidence as well as assured and, at the same time, prevents them from looking for self-esteem or their personality by depending on others. The flower essence is helpful in curing doubt about oneself and supports the animal to believe in his/ her individual opinions and natural feelings.
You may think about administering Cerato to a dog that is unwilling to take part in any appealing activity, for instance recreating with others of his species just because doing so takes him away from his master. In addition, you may also administer this essence to any aging dog who might be acting all the more immature as well as reliant.
Cherry Plum
There are times when some animals may act in a frenzied manner and there appears to be no reason at all for such behaviors. The Bach essence Cherry Plum deals with the basic problem that results in this type of impulsiveness, irrespective of the fact of whether such behavior makes itself apparent in the form of an attack that has not been incited or as a distressed attempt to escape. Cherry Plum is most effective in dealing with this type of complete as well as thorough submission to fright.
You might think about administrating this flower essence to any dog that easily loses its strength of mind or responses to usual events in a violent manner – something like being tie up in a coop. This essence may possibly also be useful for any animal that has been abused and bears the memories that had provoked panic. And these memories may be revoked quite easily for the dog to act in such a manner. Cherry Plum is also useful for a dog that suffers from phobias that have their roots in trepidation and horror.
Chestnut Bud
Humans, as well as animals, often get trapped in bad practice and persistent patterns. Using the essence Chestnut Bud helps in laying open one’s capability to realize their past and also to alter their actions/ deeds that have turned out to be embedded as well as impulsive.
You may try this flower essence for any dog that rejects learning the training required to be in the household, or a dog that is suffering from a mental blockage regarding carrying out a specific order in an appropriate manner. Chestnut Bud is also beneficial for puppies that are trailing behind their other mates in the litter as far as his/ her development is concerned.
Basically, flower essences actually deal with too much deprivation, assisting an animal to be further self-reliant and less insecure or dependent on others. Chicory is a Bach essence that is also beneficial for those that have a domineering behavior towards humans, occasionally having an overpowering impulse of taking care of them and this is manifested by aggression and an authoritative behavior. Chicory has the aptitude to cure another trait in these animals – exaggerated possessiveness that is encouraged by the lack of confidence and self-interest.
You may try this Bach flower essence for any dog that is always attached to you, may understand any other individual’s approach towards you like an intimidation, or demonstrate improper behavior while guarding. In addition, Chicory may also be an effective remedy for dogs that are extremely defensive, barking almost at all the onlookers or even any leaf that might drop on the driveway.
The flower essence Clematis is most suited for animals that find it difficult to be present in that particular moment – usually, they may be absentminded or appear to in a state of dreaminess. In fact, this type of feeling of being not in touch actually goes further than just lacking focus or simple distraction. In reality, this is a type of looking inside the inner self of the animal, discarding whatever may be happening in the existent world around.
Consider administering this Bach essence to dogs that turn out to be so cut off that they often fall asleep, or may even lack concentration while they are being trained.
Crab Apple
Animals having a poor hygiene may find the essence Crab Apple beneficial, as it has a cleansing impact. In addition, this essence is also effective in stopping compulsive grooming actions or imprudent food habits, for instance eating stool (also called coprophagy), rock in addition to soil.
You may try using this essence for any dog that happens to be an obsessive licker, is recuperating from any type of infection or has come in contact with environmental toxins.
This flower essence is most appropriate for animals that believe that they would never be able to meet the standards or those that are beleaguered by expectations. Such animals have a feeling that they are responsible for performing specific roles, but at some level, they do not feel that they possess the knowledge and expertise or even the capability to execute them with success.
If you wish you may try this essence on any animal that is generally confident and competent but is faced with a high tension situation, for instance, bitches having very problematic litters, service dogs that have been given a recent partner or the dogs used for search and rescue operations when they are in a scene of disaster.
Gentian is a popular Bach flower essence that facilitates in lifting one’s mood, especially indolence, and gloom while inducing an optimistic feeling. This essence is useful when life imposes several impediments that we are compelled to fight back in search of motivation to make another try.
You may think about administering Gentian to any dog that has suffered the ordeal of being sent back from any shelter time and again and who is suffering from depression from finding a permanent home. In addition, this essence may also be given to a dog that has lost his companion or beloved owner.
 Gorse deals with the same issues addressed by Gentian, this Bach flower essence is ideally suited for animals whose hopelessness has gone further by another step. Such animals actually do not have any hope whatsoever and their despondency has made them numb. These animals have become so insensitive that they do not seem to be concerned about their life and death anymore. The hollow gaze in their eyes will help you to understand their feelings.
Gorse may be considered for any dog that has been thrown away by his sole caretaker whom he knows for any reason and has given up all hopes in life.
A lot of animals have a tendency to show off and remain in the limelight all the time, even to the detriment of spoiling their rapport or association with others. In such situations, the flower essence Heather assists in controlling this type of ego-mania in order that the dog is able to be conscious of the basic fact that any relationship is basically a two-way affair.
You may think about administering this Bach flower essence to a dog that is touching all the time at his owner or barking to draw attention. In effect, this type of dogs may show signs of anxiety related to some kind of parting, but not essentially because he is missing his owner. Actually, the dog is trying to draw the attention of someone or anyone whom he may be craving for.
Imagine the leaves of holly, an evergreen shrub, that may pinch and poke. Precisely speaking, these are the main problems that the essence of Holly deals with, facilitating in driving out jealously as well as extreme loathing. Another essence, Vine also helps to restrain domination and it is frequently employed in combination with Holly.
You may mull over employing this Bach flower essence for any dog that is bearing feelings of resentment, besides apparently behaving in a manner that is stimulated by some kind of blatant abhorrence or jealousy. In addition, this essence may also be administered to dogs that are mistrustful regarding the latest member in their pack.
As we all are aware, in our life, we have too often made several adjustments, and this flower essence has the aptitude to make the transition seem effortless for any animal that is facing problems in adjusting to a new situation – or, may be feeling an attachment with his associates who have been left behind. When you pick the flower of this robust vine and remove its stamen in the appropriate way, you will find a single drop of nectar concealed inside. In fact, this is the basic lesson imparted by honeysuckle – all new associations as well as the stages of life have their own sweetness, provided we are eager to discover it.
You may consider administering Honeysuckle essence to any dog that has been finding it difficult to adjust to any new situation and does not seem to be able to settle in the changed circumstance and may be feeling homesick for all that has been left behind.
This Bach flower essence actually passes on oomph or a gush of energy that helps any animal to move along following a break or period of recovery. In addition, Hornbeam also deals with mental inactivity – the type of lassitude or indolence that may often result in putting off things and hesitate in following motivating activities.
Think about employing this flower essence for any dog that is unresponsive and rather than taking a stimulating walk would prefer to doze off. It may also administer to a dog who requires perking up following an ailment that has made him weak, for instance, distemper or parvo.
Impatiens is a popular annual herb that loves to grow in the shade and, as its name suggests, it is used for dealing with impatience. The Bach flower essence helps to improve concentration and helps the animal suffering from edginess to be consistent and not be diverted by any or every small thing happening around him.
You may try to administer this flower essence to any dog that is unable to keep his focus on an obedience class or is having problems in hearing the commands of his master, as there might be something else that is further interesting for him to whiff in the area.
Larch is one essence that helps one to enhance his confidence level. In fact, provided Larch has a video recording, it would certainly be the old rhyme regarding the ant with the rubber plant. This Bach flower essence helps to regurgitate our self-belief regarding our competence to be prepared and face a situation when it is required. In effect, this enables us to stand up and proclaim, ‘Yes, I am able to do this’. It provides us with the self-belief to move ahead and put forth our most excellent effort, at no time being in slightest doubt about our capability.
This essence may be given to a dog that is extremely weighed down by the absence of confidence and self-worth that he will not even try to do things as he fears that he might fail or commit some error.
This flower essence has traditionally been used to deal with specific frights – for instance, fear of water, men or being indulged or spoiled from above. Irrespective of the concerns, Mimulus helps the dog to concentrate so that it may overcome this fright.
You may think about administering this Bach flower essence to any dog that is shy as well as terrified about being approached or handled. It may also be given to any dog that has undergone a harrowing experience which has made him frightful of any particular thing.
Mustard is a Bach flower essence that remedies profound depression – the type that is evident in an all-encompassing gloom with no apparent reason or provocation. Just recall the Christian fable concerning the mustard seed – the manner in which the minutest of all seeds is able to develop into one of the tallest plants – regardless of how impartial it may appear. Therefore, this flower essence also assures us the same reality – when you place your trust even in the smallest particle of optimism or hope, it will ultimately result in growth as well as regeneration.
You may consider administering this flower essence to a dog that appears to be suffering from an intense depression without any clear cause.
In the primeval period, the oak tree was considered to represent might as well as toughness. While these are definitely admirable attributes, a drawback of such endurance and fortitude also exists. When any animal is always very strong, it may imply that he may not be able to recognize his weakened condition and, therefore, will not spend any time to rest, heal and recover.
This essence may be considered for administration of a recuperating dog that does not want to remain still, drags the stitches and presses on to go on a walk or to play though he may be close to exhaustion and may possibly collapse finally. Oak may also be used for any dog that does not pay heed to his physical problems and continues to work despite the obvious signals of pain sent by his body.
This Bach flower essence helps one to rejuvenate, thereby assisting animals that have been driven to their maximum mental or physical limit to bounce back. In fact, this essence is a cure for complete overtiredness.
You may think about employing this Bach flower remedy for any dog that has been performing any task that is very demanding both physically as well as mentally. This type of dog may be engaged in protecting livestock or even looking for a person gone missing.
The primary reason why most household cleaners possess the fragrance of the pine is that this tree possesses the attribute to cleanse profoundly. Even the essence of this tree possesses the same properties. While Pine deals with the pessimistic sentiment of culpability, it may possibly be difficult to say whether your dog is undergoing this kind of experience at all, rather than fright and surrender.
This Bach flower essence may be administered to a dog whose behavior may seem to have its origin in a feeling of shame or guilt, or any dog that may possibly be affected by your own negative feelings. You may try giving this essence to puppies, especially those that are housebroken, with a view to finding whether they are having any such negative feeling.
Red Chestnut
This Bach flower essence is a remedy for worries, especially for animals that are all the time apprehending what may go in the wrong next. The prevailing impetus of such animals is basically fright and worries over losing their control and this aspect frequently become apparent in their over-protective attitude.
You may think about administering this flower essence to any dog suffering from anxiety and who generally becomes worrisome when you are not around and they become calm only after you return.
Rock Rose
The Bach flower essence Rock Rose deals with the feeling of fright. Irrespective of what is responsible for this feeling – normally there is a particular aspect that activates terror – Rock Rose may be employed to help terrified animals to come across a calming center within them.
You may think about using this flower essence for any dog that is intensely fearful of particular individuals and/ or events, for instance, any individual who has a resemblance to the dog’s earlier owner who was abusive or fireworks. In fact, dogs requiring this essence become hysterical whenever they think of combating the object of their fear.
Rock Water
As we all are aware that agility, as well as suppleness, are vital aspects that help us to adapt to different situations. In the absence of these attributes, the animals break akin to the dried-out branch of a tree when they come under pressure. The essence Rock Water deals with the lack of ability to adjust to situations, physically in addition to emotionally. Rock Water cures rigidity in one’s attitude and also assists in promoting naturalness and loosening up.
Try this flower essence on a dog that has stiff and unyielding muscles and who becomes annoyed when there is any alteration in his routine, be it the environment or diet. It may also be administered to the dog that is reluctant to pick up new performances. This essence is also useful for a dog that is obsessed with his status and is excessively prevailing as well as protective, as he turns down the idea of compromising with others, especially those he has to share his space with.
We are familiar with people as well as animals that experience mood swings – happy and satisfied at one moment and brooding and harsh at the very next moment. The flower essence Scleranthus aids in easing this type of unpredictable or inconsistent actions, and promotes emotional stability and balance. In addition, this essence also deals with indecisiveness, especially in animals that are unable to calm down, as they have several options at the same time, or animals that make their masters wild since they are unable to understand what these animals actually want.
Consider using Scleranthus for any dog that has an erratic character or that suffers from notable highs and lows owing to hormonal changes. As this flower essence helps to reinstate balance, it may possibly also be helpful in putting off imbalance in the inner ear, which is responsible for motion sickness.
Star of Bethlehem
While talking about the flower essence Star of Bethlehem, we need to bear in mind that it deals with shock. This essence is employed in any condition where events have occurred in such quick succession, without any prior notice and also depressingly that the animal becomes immobile.
You may think about using this Bach flower essence for any dog that has undergone distress, either physical or emotive – such as, dogs that have recently lost their masters or new mothers, and have endured deep physical hurting or had to undergo anesthesia.
Sweet Chestnut
Occasionally, some animals endure so intensely pain and tormenting that they may even prefer submission or death to combating and being defeated in the struggle. When employed in such cases, the flower essence Sweet Chestnut helps to reinstate the willpower to keep trying and endure in spite of what may appear to be too overwhelming obstacles. It cures extreme fatigue, physical as well as mental, and rekindles the optimism that there is light after darkness.
Try administering this essence to a dog that has been abused cruelly or persistently and one that has spent much period in spirit-breaking surroundings of any puppy mill or a dog that mourns the loss of his companion or owner. Often, this flower essence is employed for curing physical conditions in animals that are susceptible to a frightening and apparently erratic health condition related to the intestine – bloating.
The Bach flower essence Vervain is meant for individuals who are desperate to go and continuously require to be mobile. The use of Vervain assists such keen animals in restraining their edginess.
You may consider employing this flower essence for any dog that is usually excited, frequently to the extent of apparently being hyperactive or high strung.
This flower essence is meant for those who are domineering, bullying and prevailing by nature and always like to have things in their own way.
Think about administering this flower essence to any dog that behaves brutally on the comparatively lesser overriding members of the house and wants to achieve things by means of the utter strength of their will and those that are too worried about defending their turf.
One good thing about life is that it is never stagnant, but changes quite frequently. Such changes enable us to grow and become mature. However, often allowing the familiar things to go may cause problems as well as uneasiness or confusion. Walnut is a Bach flower essence that assists us in withstanding all the changes that are natural as well as normal, in addition to facilitating the adjustment to these changes when we accept them.
This flower essence may be considered for dogs that are passing through a changeover – for instance, changing homes or their owners, giving birth, receiving a new member to the family or boarding for the very first time.
Water Violet
There is several animals that are basically reclusive; apparently not keen on any interaction with humans or even other animals who may love them. Generally, they choose to endure their hurting mutely and all by themselves. In fact, when anyone caresses or pets them, they are likely to shrink back from such affections. In such cases using the flower essence, Water Violent facilitates in promoting better relationships, thereby enabling an animal that is self-contained and standoffish to become more prepared to share his feelings.
Try using this flower essence on any dog that may be facing problems in becoming attached to its new owner, or maybe has begun to live in isolation from humans and, therefore, has discovered that he should not be very concerned emotionally.
White Chestnut
The Bach flower remedy is ideal for restlessness. In addition, this flower essence is also beneficial for animals that need to calm down their mind and give up compulsive as well as fixating thinking that may result in unhelpful practices and recurring actions. White Chestnut is also helpful for animals to give up training modules that have become outdated and accept new training patterns.
You may consider giving this flower essence to heal any dog that may be requiring to give up persistent habits, for instance, compulsive chewing or inflicting injury to him or to help the dog to put an end to the old training patterns and take up new training that has become redundant. You may give this flower essence to a dog suffering from sleeplessness or a restive dog that finds it difficult to rest or settle down.
Wild Oat
Wild oat is a Bach flower remedy that is administered to any animal that apparently does not endeavor to attain his full potential and, by some means, is obstructed from attaining things that his human companions are aware that he is competent to achieve. Wild Oat is also called the pioneering essence and assists in driving out the absence of relationship and offers a feeling regarding direction.
You may try this flower essence on any dog that is simply not able to locate its position or one that is abandoning a career, for instance, a lengthy as well as a successful career engaged in search and rescue or performance in shows, which has largely been responsible for the dog’s identity.
Wild Rose
The Bach flower remedy Wild Rose fights the lack of concern in an individual and, at the same time, it helps to bring back one’s love for life. In addition, it is also effective in restoring a person’s keenness as well as concern to connect to the world outside.
You may try administering this flower essence to treat any dog that appears to be apathetic to anything happening around him or too grown-up dogs that are complaining the introduction of a new puppy into the house. Wild Rose is also an appropriate remedy for dogs recuperating from any chronic ailment or those that appear to be suffering from a depression that deteriorates without any detectable cause.
Similar to some persons, a number of animals always appear to have got out of the bed on the wrong side. Such people as well as animals are irritable, brooding and frequently malicious, especially when they have a feeling that they have not been able to have their way. On the other hand, they may possibly just be too emotional and take all things personally, in addition, to react excessively.
You may consider using this flower essence for curing any dog that appears to strike back by tearing down or devastating something in the household or by refusing to be affectionate. In addition, this Bach flower essence is also an appropriate option for curing a dog that requires overcoming bitterness regarding the manner he has been dealt with previously.