Witches Gossip Corner ~ December 19, 2016


Not everyone celebrates the same during the holidays and gift giving varies from culture to culture. If you are looking to help someone’s life progress and know what they are currently struggling with, you cannot fail or tarnish your Karma if you are willing to help another, in fact, you are in turn balancing it. Good deeds are always rewarded three-fold.


Rosemary is one of the oldest incenses. It emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations, and so is smoldered to rid a place of negativity. When placed beneath the pillow rosemary ensures a good sleep and drives away nightmares. Rosemary has also long been used in love and lust incenses and mixtures.

Monday, Dec 19th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and WaningIncense – Rosemary, Color – Ivory

Tuesday, Dec 20th
Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter and WaningIncense – Cinnamon, Color – Gray

Wednesday, Dec 21st
Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter and WaningIncense – Honeysuckle, Color – White, Other Celestial Events Winter Solstice

Thursday, Dec 22nd
Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter and WaningIncense – Myrrh, Color – Green

Friday, Dec 23rd
Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter and WaningIncense – Thyme, Color – Purple

Saturday, Dec 24th
Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter and WaningIncense – Sage, Color – Brown

Sunday, Dec 25th
Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter and WaningIncense – Marigold, Color – Amber

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