How To Make A Mossy Wreath

It Is Alive

Assorted air plants adorn this wreath covered in Spanish moss. The frosty color palette is appropriate for winter display; change up the look by adding holiday baubles or foraged natural objects as the season’s change. Hang the wreath on a wall or door or lay it flat as a table centerpiece.


  • 12-inch wire wreath form*
  • Fern picks*
  • Green floral wire, 22 gauge*
  • Dried Spanish moss*
  • Assorted air plants
  • Optional: dried flowers (we used tansy and other dried seed heads)

*Sold at craft stores and floral supply stores


1.  Attach a loop of floral wire to the wreath frame for hanging.

2. Secure one end of the wire onto the wreath frame. Hold a handful of Spanish moss in place on the form and wrap the wire around it to secure it to the form. Continue adding moss and wrapping the wire in a spiral until the entire form is covered. (Leave 2 to 3 inches of space between the loops in the spiral.) The wire will disappear into the loose, fluffy moss. Snip the end of the wire and twist it tightly to the form.

3. Try different ways of arranging the air plants on the wreath before attaching them. When they are placed to your satisfaction, use fern picks to attach them. For the larger tillandsias, poke a pick through the base of each plant and secure them to the wreath. Smaller tillandsias may not require fern picks, as the Spanish moss will hold them in place. Add dried flowers or other seasonal objects, if you wish. Mist the wreath two or three times a week to keep the air plants fresh.

Floral project designed by Mark Kintzel; Photography by Thomas MacDonald
Originally published in Organic Gardening magazine, December 2014/January 2015

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