Scientists Develop New Flu Vaccines for Man’s Best Friend

It's that dreaded time of year - flu season. And we humans aren't the only ones feeling the pain. Dogs can get the flu, too. Scientists at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry have developed, for the first time, two new vaccines for canine influenza. This research is not only important for … Continue reading Scientists Develop New Flu Vaccines for Man’s Best Friend

Four Thieves Vinegar

From what evidence we have, infused vinegar have existed almost since we first discovered vinegar. It's so useful by itself, and infusing it increases its effectiveness and potency. Its many functions include: - culinary - preservation - beauty regimes - cleansing - disinfection - anti-infestation Herb-infused vinegar is natural, organic, non-toxic, inexpensive, traditional technology that … Continue reading Four Thieves Vinegar

How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are

Since my new moon rituals don’t differ that much from month to month, I’ve decided to skip sharing a ritual on the new moons and instead, share something moon-related. This new moon, we’re talking about the moon goddess aesthetic: that quirky, bohemian, slightly elusive style that calls to the Feminine in all of us.

To illustrate, I’m showing you around my sacred space! I’ve shared photos of my altar before but I am constantly adding to it and my bedroom is actually filled with little touches, crystals and more crescent moons than is probably strictly necessary.

How to Decorate Like the Moon Goddess You Know You Are | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Although we tend to think of the full moon as the most magickal phase, that’s largely due to the fact that it is only full for one to three days a month. The rest of the time, we are seeing the…

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Natural Balms for Cuts, Stings, and Bruises

Though there are a variety of ointments available for treating minor wounds, many of them are made of synthetic compounds that can irritate the skin or provoke allergic reactions in people with chemical sensitivities. Fortunately, there are simple natural remedies that often prove themselves effective against painful stings, cuts, bruises and infections without producing side … Continue reading Natural Balms for Cuts, Stings, and Bruises

Carnation Meaning & Symbolism | January Birth Flower | Flower Meanings

The January birth flower, Carnation is a powerful flower! Delve deeply into Carnation Meaning & Symbolism! Carnation Color Meanings, Spiritual Meanings & History! Source: Carnation Meaning & Symbolism | January Birth Flower | Flower Meanings

Snowdrop {January Flower}

COMMON NAME:   Snowdrop GENUS:   Galanthus Species, Hybrids, Cultivars: G. nivalis  "Atkinsil"-blooms very early; large flowers. G.n. "Flore Pleno"-double flowers. G.n. "Lutescens"-yellow markings. G.n. "Simplex"-single flowers. G.n. "S. Arnott"-taller with fragrant large flowers. FAMILY:   Amaryllidaceae BLOOMS: Winter TYPE:  Perennial DESCRIPTION:  Snowdrops are tiny, growing only to a height of 3 to 4 inches. … Continue reading Snowdrop {January Flower}

Inner Awakenings, Deep Reflections, and Contentment

I have always found it fascinating that the month of January was named after the Roman god Janus, the god of beginnings, who was always depicted with two faces: one looking towards the past and one looking towards the future. This notion of "new beginnings" is what gives rise to our custom of making a … Continue reading Inner Awakenings, Deep Reflections, and Contentment

Learn About Foxes!

We thought this is clever! Foxes are omnivorous mammals that are light on their feet. They are often confused with other members of the Canidae family, which include jackals, wolves, and dogs. They stand out from their relatives because of their long, thin legs, lithe frame, pointed nose and bushy tail. These animals are very social and … Continue reading Learn About Foxes!


Plants have much to teach us; they have served as inspiration for artists, thinkers, and writers for thousands of years. Take the quote above from celebrated French author Victor Hugo. In the nettle, Hugo sees the reflection of an important human truth: the importance of compassion, and the need for us to truly see others for … Continue reading Compassion

Tree Of Life

If you have ever watched a movie that had trees of magic, with secret doorways that lead to mysterious places, the origin of those ideas can be credited to the Celtic people. Trees were a very large part of the Celts’ spiritual and daily lives. Celts regarded trees as their source of food, protection from … Continue reading Tree Of Life