Birch Essential Oil

Birch essential oil, also known as sweet birch oil, is rich in methyl salicylates and has a long history of use for sore and fatigued muscles. The familiar, soothing aroma of birch oil is reminiscent of the inside of a doctor’s bag on the day of house calls. This therapeutically wide-spectrum stimulating and cleansing oil … Continue reading Birch Essential Oil

That Magical Tree {January 2017}

Birch  -   Beith Ogham letter B         Ruler of the 1st Lunar Month 24th December - 20th January Powers:        Purification,     A Guardian of New Beginnings, Bringer of Hope,         Channeler of Emotion,               Protection.     The Druid tree symbol for the Bards - ‘The Goddess Tree’ - ‘The Lady of the Woods’,  the Birch tree, Betula Pendula … Continue reading That Magical Tree {January 2017}

That Magical Moon

Each of the full moons has its own particular energy pattern and strength, and because of the time of year is suitable for different magical workings and meditations.That said - each and every full moon holds power and wonder - and for magic, is a time of celebration. The Full Moon after Yule or the … Continue reading That Magical Moon

2017 Calendar – Fantasy Art – Painting Dreams by Wendy Andrew

Images of Myth & Enchantment, by Wendy Andrew - Arthurian Legend & Fantasy Art Source: 2017 Calendar - Fantasy Art - Painting Dreams by Wendy Andrew Wendy has created another beautiful calendar. This 2017 calendar features a bright and colorful collection of paintings inspired by the ever changing nature of Goddess as the wheel of … Continue reading 2017 Calendar – Fantasy Art – Painting Dreams by Wendy Andrew