That Magical Moon

Each of the full moons has its own particular energy pattern and strength, and because of the time of year is suitable for different magical workings and meditations.That said – each and every full moon holds power and wonder – and for magic, is a time of celebration.

Wolf Moon heading graphic©vcsinden2010

The Full Moon after Yule or the moon of January is the closest we can come to ‘Wolf Moon’ in the modern Gregorian Calendar. The Birch Moon of Ogham and the Druids. The Cold Moon, The Ice Moon or The Moon of the Long Nights for the Native American Indians, and in China – The Holiday Moon.

The Magics, as part of ‘the old ones’, use of the term
“Wolf Moon” for the moon which shines on or after the Yeneasira – 21st December – Winter Solstice, is derived from several cultures and mixed into their magical ceremonial calendar.
Full moon on the actual night of the Winter Solstice is a very rare event, once in a lifetime if we are lucky! The last time this happened was Dec 21st, 2010. The next – not until 2094.

   Now some might say that the name for that Moon if it is full between Dec 21st and Jan 1st – should be “The Full Cold Moon”, or the “Oak Moon” and they may be right. It’s a complicated business!
Many say that the Wolf Moon shines only in January, and of course, all its magic and rituals remain the same whatever we call it,  but they are not taking the Solstice into account!

A Celebration for the Wolf Moon:

Wolf Moon, coming as it does in the darkest and coldest part of the year in the Northern hemisphere, is associated with hibernation, fire, ancestors, and family.
If the night is not overcast, be outside if you can – but whatever the weather you may do all or any of these things:

☼ First, cast a circle if you will, and ask your gods to be with you, and watch over you under the moon. If you like to use a wand, then of Birch Wood is the perfect one to use.

☼ Burn a white candle – white for new beginnings – important for Wolf Moon, herald of the new year and the gradual lengthening of the days.

☼ Make and burn a little herbal incense  (see two of my herbal incense recipes for Wolf Moon below)

☼ Think of the moonlit beauty, meditate on earth and nature – be ‘in the moment’ giving thanks for the new year fields, ready now for the plough and seed.

☼ Think of family individuals, ask for protection for them, for health and happiness. Think of the ancestors, remember those you were lucky enough to know.

Wolf Moon Incense 1 (simple) – use all or any of:

* 1 teaspoon crushed, dried birch leaf – (ruling Ogham tree of the Wolf Moon – purity and new beginnings)
*  ½  teaspoon dried rosemary – (health and love)
*  ½ teaspoon dried lavender – (happiness and peace)

Wolf Moon Incense 2 – blend, crush or powder together:

* 1 teaspoon frankincense – (protection, spirituality)
* 1 teaspoon birch leaf – ( ruling Ogham tree of the Wolf Moon – purity and new beginnings)
* pinch of powdered sandalwood or two drops of pure sandalwood oil – (health, positive energies)
*  ½   teaspoon dried rosemary – (health and love)
* 6 dried juniper berries – (health, fire and warmth)