Trillium in Healing

Trillium is also called Birthroot. What a suitable plant to be drawn to when working in the childbearing field. It is used in certain circumstances in the process of labor and birth by midwives, and for menstrual issues in non-childbearing women. In Native American herbalism, Trillium root was considered to be a sacred female herb and they only spoke of it to their medicine women.

Trillium is also related to the first three chakras – cleansing them of fear, and opening the way to full grounding and connection with Mother Earth. The three leaves and three flower petals are connected to the Maiden, Mother, and Crone – but also to the body, mind, and Spirit. Like drawing down the moon – Trillium helps to aide drawing down Spirit – a process of the embodiment, drawing the energies of the soul down into the body. Whether the imbalance is in being too disconnected to the lower chakras, or too disconnected to the upper chakras (too connected to the lower ones), Trillium helps balance. Trillium helps with an embodiment of the soul. Withdrawing down this energy, bringing it to Mother Earth – the relation with the menstrual cycle and childbirth is found again – giving birth is also aiding another soul to become embodied.

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