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Kitchen Cabinet Medicine – CCF Tea – Digestive Support.

Long loved and cherished by Ayurvedic students and practitioners, CCF tea is a bit of an Ayurvedic staple. Simple, gentle, and tasty, this tea is easy to make and is ideal for supporting a balanced digestive system. I was first introduced to CCF tea as a student of Ayurveda at the Ayurvedic Institute. The faculty always had a very large batch of

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A Floral Spring Cleansing Herbal Tea

As our bodies experience the transition from winter to spring — and the promise of rejuvenation and new life comes forth — ease the seasonal shift with this Floral Spring Cleansing Tonic. Gently Detox. Shed the woes of winter. Awaken to the joys of Spring. A Floral Spring Cleansing Herbal Tea Ingredients *Use organically-grown and/or wild-crafted ingredients when possible. 2

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Getting Ready For Spring

Transitioning from winter to spring means stepping from the darkness into the light. While our bodies to continue to crave heavy foods, our spirits are longing to break free from cabin fever and seasonal stress. This month, we’re featuring herbs to help you make that change, while lightening your load, both physically and emotionally. Perhaps you have been thinking about

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The Besom

The besom, or broom, is one of the main ritual tools of the witch and is sacred to both the Goddess and God.  The God – through its symbolic phallic shape, the Goddess – through its three-piece makeup, the shaft, the bristles and the binding cord, three being the triform aspect of the Goddess.  While besom and broom are two

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