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Thistle Soup Recipe

This Thistle Soup Recipe is made using edible food from the wild. Make thistle soup by chopping (scissoring would be a better word since an old pair of shears is the best thing I've found for cutting up green plants) a pan of thistles. Push them down in the pan and add just enough water … Continue reading Thistle Soup Recipe

Kitchen Cabinet Remedies: Rose Hip Syrup

So here is my first attempt at making syrup.  It turned out amazing.  I am tempted to go out and gather more! I went to my favorite spot to harvest a few rose hips. I was there walking with my daughter and the rose hips just beckoned to be admired.  Voluptuous and cheery, the sun … Continue reading Kitchen Cabinet Remedies: Rose Hip Syrup

Rose Petal Infused Honey

We make gallons and gallons of rose and lavender infused honey to use as face masks. We use raw honey from our local beekeeper. You can use this honey for your own face masks or add it to a bath, a little in a cup of tea, or for assistance with wound healing. The rose … Continue reading Rose Petal Infused Honey