Gerber Daisy

COMMON NAME:  Gerber daisy GENUS:  Gerbera SPECIES:  G. jamesonii FAMILY:  Compositae BLOOMS:  late spring-summer TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Large, bright, daisylike flowers are borne on strong, 20-to 24-inch stems. Flowers measure 2 to 2 1/2 inches across and can be single or double. Colors include white, yellow, red, and orange. The leaves are attractive, tongue-shaped, and … Continue reading Gerber Daisy

Sweet Pea

April Birthflower

Good Witches Homestead

COMMON NAME:  sweet pea
GENUS:  Lathyrus
SPECIES:  L. odoratus {annual}
                 L. latifolius {perennial}
FAMILY:  Leguminosae
BLOOMS: early spring
TYPE: annual or perennial
DESCRIPTION: The pastel blossoms of sweet pea come in a lovely array of hues including nearly every color except yellow. Their growth habit varies from creeping to bushy, and their height varies accordingly from 1 to 5 feet. Dainty and fragrant, sweet peas are a welcome sight in spring.
CULTIVATION: Annual varieties of the sweet pea will bloom best if given well-drained soil rich in humus, full sun, and regular watering. Plant seeds in very early spring, as soon as the ground can be worked, for spring blooms. For a climbing type, be sure to supply a trellis or other means of support. Perennial sweet peas are not nearly as exacting in their cultural needs and will survive…

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What is the Birthstone for April?

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The April Birthstone is Opal, Diamond & Sapphire.
A gemstones that symbolizes a person’s month of birth in the Gregorian Calendar is called a Birthstone. These types of gemstone are commonly known as birthday stones and sometimes used as an anniversary gift related to a person’s age and year of birth. Since the mid 1800’s, the wearing of birthstones saw a new rise in popularity for the beauty and power the stones were thought to posses.

It is said that wearing an April birthstone will help to lessen the pain of ‘heartache’, which is a “mystical” trait said to be common among those born in the month of April.

The Birthstone for April Varies Depending Upon the Classification

The April birthstone, much like all other birthstones, will vary depending on the time period and method of classification. Traditional, modern, mystical and Ayurvedic (ancient traditional Indian Medicine) methods of classification, although they…

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